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Eye Vision Supplements, Weak Eyesight Natural Remedies

I-Lite is one of the unique and effective natural eye vision supplements. It is considered as one of the best weak eyesight natural remedies. If you want to improve weak eyesight in a natural manner, this capsule is your answer. A unique blend of herbal ingredients is the biggest asset of this capsule. This unique formula was developed after years of studies and researches. This capsule has got both proven herbs as well as natural nutrients in it. The combination of these two makes it very competent and effective when it comes to improving the eyesight in a natural and side effect free manner. Eyesight can be improved tremendously with the help of powerful herbal ingredients present in this capsule. Clarity of vision will also be on the rise when you consume this capsule in a regular manner. This is one of the best eye vision supplements. The unique formula is what makes it one of the best weak eyesight natural remedies.

Eye Vision SupplementsSince it's an herbal remedy, don't expect immediate results. It will definitely take couple of weeks to see the positive results but the wait is worth it. Day and night vision will be improved tremendously with the regular use of this capsule. Color perception will also be improved with the regular use of this capsule. You will also have improved distance vision with the continuous use of this capsule. I-Lite capsule is considered to be highly effective since it has got minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in it - presence of these things will not only improve eye sight but also increase the overall health. The perfect formula makes it one of the best eye vision supplements. There are so many weak eyesight natural remedies available in the market but I-Lite capsule is special.

Very effective herbal ingredients are the biggest attraction when it comes to this capsule. It has got herbs such as Terminalia Chebula, Asparagus Racemosus, Phyllanthus Emblica, Celestrus Paniculatus and Terminalia Balerica. Let's take a closer look at the major herbal ingredients of this capsule below.

Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki): It is an herb usually seen in South Asia, especially in India and Nepal. This herb is considered as an excellent rejuvenator. It is also considered as astringent, laxative, nervine, athelmintic, tonic, expectorant, appetite stimulant and carminative. This herb is good for all skin disorders in general. This herb is so powerful that it has been used for treating narcosis, anaemia, heart disease, anorexia, cough, piles etc. This herb has got the ability to mitigate vata and eliminate ama. Central nervous system will be benefited greatly with this herb as it can nourish and restore central nervous system. With regular use of this herb, you will be able to improve digestion. It will increase the absorption of nutrients. In general, this herb can increase the power of vision as well.

Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari): It is one of the most popular, well-known and highly powerful herbs used in Ayurveda. It is sweet and bitter in taste. This herb is basically used for balancing pitta dosha. This herb is considered to be female equivalent of Ashwagandha. It will cure gastrointestinal disorders. This herb has got the ability to increase the sight and vision.

I-Lite capsule has got the ability to prevent free radical damage to your eyes. The lens of the eyes will be protected with the regular use of this capsule. With the help of these herbal ingredients, you can be assured of an overall protection for this capsule. Vision loss can be prevented to a great extent with the continuous consumption of this capsule. Also, eye irritation can be reduced to a great extent with the regular consumption. The strain caused by overuse can also be reduced with the consumption of this capsule. This is an intensively researched herbal remedy for improving eyesight and that says all about the effectiveness of this capsule. Weak eyesight can be effectively treated with this capsule. A highly effective formula makes it one of the best eye vision supplements. Considering I-Lite capsule is one of the best weak eyesight natural remedies, you don't need to think twice.

The combination of essential nutrients and eye toning herbs makes it very powerful. The use of glasses can be avoided with the regular use of this capsule. For many, wearing glasses is a big no-no and they might be delighted to have this herbal product. The proper eyesight can be maintained with the continuous use of this capsule. Especially for those who use their eyes extensively at work, I-Lite capsule can be a huge relief. Doctors, students, teachers, computer engineers etc. are known to use their eyes excessively. For them, this capsule would be an ideal choice to maintain eyesight in a natural manner.


Take one or two I-Lite capsules two times a day with water or milk regularly for 3 to 4 months to improve eyesight and vision naturally.

Eye Vision Supplements

Weak Eyesight Natural Remedies
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the major causes of weak eyesight?

Problem of weak eyesight is caused by various reasons, these reasons can be slow metabolism to slow mental activity or lack of mental clarity and eye function, hence to improve eyesight many herbs play an important role. Problems with eyesight can be due to muscular weakness, injuries, diseases and disorders too, so good overall health is very important in proper functioning of eyes for a longer period in human life.

Eyesight starts getting weaker as other functions of the body with the growing age but in some cases or rather more often it is evident even in younger people too. Mostly malnutrition, deficiency, poor care of eyes, genetics, diseases and functional problems causes weak eyesight in young age. Eyesight can create problems while looking at far objects or at closer objects and even both, heaviness in the forehead while focusing or after a long stare while reading, watching etc is the primary symptom of weakness in eyesight. Sometimes eyesight is normal but due to muscular or functional problems person does not get clear view of objects or even misses one or two objects completely, like person unable to see an object which is smaller in size but clearly visible, in front of an object which is larger in size. Most of the time such problems are not due to weak eyesight but due to malfunctioning of nerves, retina, and eye lens etc.

Difficulty in seeing objects is the primary symptom of weak eyesight and these can be far or close or both. Heaviness or headache after reading something is another symptom of weak eyesight, objects appearing hazy or dim, burning sensation in the eyes, watering eyes and persistent common cold are few symptoms of weak eyesight. When looking at any illuminating object like tube light appearance of colored circles around that object is another symptom of weak eyesight. Some people see blinking stars when they go to sleep or close their eyes in the dark, this suggests that eyes are getting strained and need attention and if this symptom is ignored it may lead to weakness in eyesight. Young children who face difficulty in seeing the blackboard in the class room or unable to focus may also have weak eyesight.

There are many causes for weak eyesight, age is the most common and natural reason for it. Normally an active and adult human being utilizes his one-forth energy in seeing things, eyes are always working till one sleeps or close the eyes. This function can slow down with age as formation of image in our mind is done by series of functions carried out by the eye and nerves attached to it. Some young people have problems in this function which may not allow them to see things clearly and may require external support like spectacles and lenses for curing the problem. Deficiency of certain essential nutrients in the body can also cause weak eyesight. These deficiencies are either due to malnutrition or due to disorder in the body. Injuries caused to eye lens, nerves carrying the image to brain, retina or to the muscles helping the eye ball to move and hold still at one position can also cause weak eyesight.

Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and hypo or hyperthyroidism can also cause weak eyesight by disrupting the normal functioning of the system. Too much alcohol or street drugs also causes pupils to dilate which initially poses problems in seeing things in sharper light and then loss of vision and this is irreversible damage. Weak muscles can also cause problems while seeing things though person suffering with this may or may not have weak eyesight.

How I-Lite capsules work as effective herbal treatment for weak eyesight and poor vision?

Terminalia chebula, a key ingredient of I-Lite capsule, is well known for its properties which are extremely good for good metabolism, treating infections, diabetes, heart disease and various other problems related to health. It is great anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant, which augurs well for improving eyesight too, it clears blood vessels and removes blockages which improve blood flow all over the body including eyes, it also improves mental health and promotes wisdom and intellect. Due to these properties terminalia chebula is very useful herb in improving eyesight, but it is important to take this herb in right doses and pregnant women shall avoid its use till child birth.

Terminalia belerica, another important herb of I-Lite capsule, is an extremely good rejuvenator which is famous for improving vision, voice and hair too. It acts as a strong purgative and has powerful anti-viral properties. It lowers cough in the body and cures digestive, urinary and respiratory disorders. Persistent common cold is a symptom of weak eyesight, terminalia belerica can treat this symptom effectively, this herb lowers accumulation of fat particularly in liver and heart and rejuvenates the body by improving tissue growth. It is a daily rejuvenator which with its all round positive effects on the body, maintains and improve eyesight too.

Phyllanthus embelica has rich contents of vitamin C which improves immunity system immensely, an improved immunity system can counter all sorts of infections, allergies and minor disorders and protects good health and smoothen functioning of all the five senses of the body including eyesight. Eyes are prone to infections, irritations and allergies which are harmful for good eyesight, phyllanthus embelica can provide effective counter action to protect eyesight and improve it. It also works well for curing excess cough formation in the body and has been used in treating diseases like asthma.

Celastrus paniculatus has been used since ages as brain tonic, emetic and appetite stimulant, it is famous for its properties which enhance alertness, works extremely well for memory and recalling powers of brain and improve mental clarity. It has powerful anti-oxidant properties which promotes blood flow all over the body and activate brain cells. These properties also improve eyesight as functions of eyes and brain nerves also get improved by regular use of this herb. It treats mental and physical fatigue and alleviates exhaustion and all sorts of physical weaknesses. In small quantities this herb can be used for good overall health and eyesight.

Glycyrrhiza glabra has rich anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-hepatotoxic properties and has been used specifically for promoting hair growth and improving eyesight. It is used as a rejuvenator and can be simply chewed in required doses for desired effects. It increases brain-increasing cranial and cerebrospinal fluid which helps in improving brain activity and eyesight as well. It has many medicinal properties to cure various ailments in the body those may occur due to growing age or deficiencies and malfunctions of internal body organs.

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