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Female Sexual Enhancement Pills, Libido Booster Supplements For Women

Lack of lovemaking desire is a very common problem when it comes to older women, whereas it's not that common among men. Women go through menopause and that's a major factor behind the lack of libido. Therefore, female sexual enhancement pills are readily available all over the place. But are these libido booster supplements for women effective at all? We'll have to say that most of these herbal remedies are hardly effective considering the formula is not really good. Having all the herbal ingredients is not enough. Mixing them at the right proportion is very important when it comes to the effectiveness. In that regard, Fantasy capsule is one of the most effective female sexual enhancement pills available today. The unique herbal combination makes it the best libido booster supplements for women.

Female Sexual Enhancement PillsFantasy capsule increases libido, energy level and stamina - all these are essential to enjoy lovemaking. This capsule is a non-prescription herbal remedy and you can easily obtain it from online health stores. The powerful herbal ingredients of this capsule will increase the blood flow to the genital area. This capsule heightens the sensation in the genital area. Fantasy capsule will also activate the natural hormone production. Lack of nutrients is one of the main reasons behind the problems concerning female reproductive system and this capsule addresses this problem by sending the essential nutrients to the reproductive system. Besides increasing libido, this capsule takes care of number of things like regulating menstruation cycle, relieving menopausal symptoms etc. Mood swings, vaginal dryness, hot flashes etc. are common menopausal symptoms and these symptoms will be brought under control when you consume this capsule. Keeping these things in mind, one can say that this is one of the most effective female sexual enhancement pills. There are many libido booster supplements for women in the market, but none of them match the effectiveness of Fantasy capsule.

The powerful herbal ingredients are the key to the effectiveness of this capsule. It contains herbs like Shatavari, Lauha Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Musli Safed, Salam Mishri, Kavach Beej, Javitri, Kesar, Jaiphal etc. All these herbs have been in use for centuries in treating various complications concerning female reproductive system. These herbs have the power to rejuvenate the love life of a woman. The level of excitement will be increased during foreplay with the help of these herbs. Full body arousal is possible when you have these herbs every day. Faster arousal is also will happen with the help of these herbs. Herbs like Shatavari and Shilajit have the power to increase natural lubrication. This can lead to multiple orgasms. Fantasy capsule is a brilliant mix of these powerful herbs and that's the reason why it's considered as one of the most effective libido booster supplements for women.


As for direction of usage, you can use maximum two capsules a day. You are advised to take it twice a day, preferably morning and evening. You should consume this capsule continuously for 3 to 4 months to get maximum benefit out of it. Since it doesn't pose any threat to your health, you can use it for prolonged periods as long as you want.

Libido Booster Supplements For Women

Libido Booster Supplements For Women
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Ingredients Of Fantasy Capsule

Shatavari - Shatavari has laxative, energizing and antimicrobial properties. It contains phyto-estrogen, which enhances the formation of female hormones in women and it is also used to cure gastrointestinal disorders. It can also be used to wash external wounds in women.

Ashwagandha - It is taken as dietary supplement which contains many compounds which improve the body, strengthen and eliminate toxins from the body to reduce the impact of ageing and provide overall health and benefit to the body.

Musli safed - It is rich in alkaloids, minerals vitamins, carbohydrates, seponins and natural steroids, which provide strength to the body and works as vitalizer and a tonic.
Lauha bhasma - Lauha bhasma or iron in bhasma form is prepared in ayurvedic laboratory and it helps to fulfill the iron requirement of the body. It also increases red blood cell counts in the body.

Shilajit - It is the fluid extracted from mountains and it contains many types of minerals components and metals in ionic form. It helps to improve the strength of body, reduce the impact of aging and rejuvenates the body.

Salam mishri - Scientifically, it is known as Orchis mascula. It has aphrodisiac properties and it has been used since ages for enhancing libido. It also improves the function of liver and stomach, and regulates gastric problems and blood coagulation.

Kesar (Saffron) - It improves brain power by enhancing flow of blood to the brain.

Kavach beej (Mucana pruriens or cowhage) - It works as general health tonic and improves immunity. It is also a libido enhancer. It offers overall health benefit by strengthening the body tissues, tonifying the organs and giving complete rejuvenation.

Abhrak bhasma - Abhrak bhasma is a valuable natural ingredient used in preparing many herbal supplements. It is beneficial for curing a wide range of health disorders.

Shudh kuchla - Shudh kuchla is advised to be taken to improve the function of cerebral-spinal system, prevent pains and disabilities related to spinal cord. It is effective in reducing vomiting, abdominal pain, upset stomach, liver cancer and constipation.

Talmakhana (Hygrophila auriculata) - The Latin name of Talmakhana is Hygrophila auriculata and it is the tonic used to stimulate reproductive organs, prevent anemia and jaundice. It is also used as appetite stimulator, liver tonic and carminative.

Bang bhasma - Bang bhasma is ayurvedic metallic tin, which is prepared in laboratory and it is added to herbal supplements to empower the body. It has aphrodisiac properties and it increases body stamina.

Javitri (Mace) - It is the skin of nutmeg (Myristica frangrans) and is used to reduce flatulency, diarrhea, dyspepsia and vomiting.

Jaiphal - Jaiphal is commonly known as nutmeg and it is an amazing fruit which cures skin and urinary disorders.

Akarkara (Spilanthes acmella) - It is scientifically known as Spilanthes acmella. It is strong in reducing mouth related troubles including toothaches and ulcers. It is used as a spice and works as antiseptic herb, which has high therapeutic properties.

Swarnapatra - Swarnapatra means golden leaves or golden thread, which is added to ayurvedic preparations as it helps to improve the strength of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the factors responsible for low libido in women?

Problem of lack of desire or low libido is quite common in women compared to men. Largely, different phases of life a woman passes through at different ages are believed to be most responsible. Desire for lovemaking is natural for men and women both but physical health and mental state is very important for that desire to continue throughout one's life, if anyone whether men or women suffers with poor physical or mental health desire for lovemaking can reduce drastically. Sometimes responsibilities and growing stature in the family also push women to drop sex low on priority list which affects their libido negatively. Persuasion and appreciation from male partner also affects libido in women.

Hormonal imbalance is most commonly found reason for low libido in women. Pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre-menopause, menopause and other factors can disturb hormonal secretion in women to cause poor physical and mental health. Infections in genital area and reproductive organs, dryness, urinary infections and uterine cramps caused due to poor hormonal secretion, pregnancy or other reasons also reduce lovemaking desire in women. Stress, depression, strained relationship with partner, fear of pregnancy, lack of privacy and sexual disorders in male partner also take away fun pleasure of the activity and reduce a woman's desire. There are few phases which can temporarily reduce libido like lactation or excess work at office and home or any tragic incident, usually problem occurring due to such reasons goes away on its own with time.

If woman does not feel urge for lovemaking for a long time in presence of a male partner and under appropriate circumstances then it is a symptom of low libido. If erotic conversations do not excite and woman rejects offers of male partner on regular basis it suggests unhealthy state of her mind or body which can lead to low libido very soon. Health related issues particularly related to heart, brain, urinary system, hormones and reproductive organs can lead to this problem. Women in habit of taking tranquilizers, prescribed medicines for depression or other mental ailment are also prone to suffer with this problem. General debility caused due to deficiencies, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle or due to insufficient rest also harms normal sex drive in women.

What are the natural ways to boost libido in women?

Taking proper and healthy diet can resolve this problem easily and naturally. Women after age of 25 years shall take more estrogen rich foods in their diet to avoid hormonal imbalance. Soybean products, dairy products, flax seeds, anise seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are rich sources of natural estrogen and extremely beneficial for health. Increased intake of spices in diet like ginger, turmeric, cloves, oregano, thyme, sage and peppers keep reproductive system healthy and prevent problems like low libido. Consume more of barley, oats and brown rice not only for curing low libido but also for sound overall health. All types of fruits are beneficial but cherries, cucumber, papaya, plums, pomegranate, pumpkin, dates, beets and apples are specially recommended for women having low libido. Staying active and energetic, sleeping well, avoiding stress, practicing meditation for relaxation, and warm water bath before going to bed allow restful sleep for higher energy levels.

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