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Frigidity Treatment, Libido Pills For Women To Increase Female Desire

Frigidity, the sexual unresponsiveness or the inability to achieve orgasm, is a very common problem when it comes to middle aged women. Especially most of those women past their menopause complain about this problem. Therefore frigidity treatment is extremely important to bring the excitement back in their life. Yes, libido problems are common among women than men. For many women, this is such difficult situation, where they feel completely helpless. So, what is the best way to increase female libido? Well, herbal pills are the ultimate solution since they are effective as well as side effect free. Where can we get libido pills for women? Well, you can get libido pills for women from every store. But, the effectiveness of these pills can't be guaranteed. Kamni capsule is an exception here as it is a highly effective herbal supplement to increase female libido. Therefore, one can say that Kamni capsule is the best frigidity treatment.

Frigidity TreatmentKamni capsule is made of powerful herbal ingredients which have been in use for centuries to treat this problem. This capsule is capable of restoring the hormonal balance, which is an essential step in increasing female libido. These ingredients stimulate the nervous system to increase the sensitivity and pleasure. Although it acts as an aphrodisiac, this capsule essentially works as tonic for the overall health of the reproductive system. This capsule enhances pleasure, arousal and satisfaction. Also, this capsule sets the mood for repeated lovemaking. For the same, it is considered as one of the best libido pills for women.

The highly powerful herbal ingredients of Kamni capsule are capable of increasing energy level in the female body. They also are responsible for the increased blood flow to the genital area. When you consume this capsule, you will experience both increased arousal and orgasm. Not attaining orgasm is one of the basic problems many women face all over the world. With the regular use of this capsule, you will be finally able to experience good orgasm during the act. This capsule will also treat dryness of the genital passage, which also comes in the way of libido and sensation. When you take a closer look, we can see that this capsule is the best frigidity treatment.

For complete cure, you are advised to use this capsule on a regular basis for 3 to 4 months. Ras Sindoor, Nagbhasm, Abhrak Bhasm, Bang Bhagm, Lau Bhasm etc. are the main ingredients of this capsule. Effectiveness of these herbal remedies has been proven time and again. Lack of libido is nothing new for womankind. When our ancestors faced this problem, they turned to aforementioned herbs for help. The power of these herbal ingredients makes this capsule the best in enhancing the lovemaking desire in the women. As for direction of use, you are advised to use maximum two capsules at a time, twice a day (preferably morning and evening). Swallow this with milk or water. Use this capsule for 3 to 4 months to see unbelievable results. When you use this regularly, you will be able to improve desire and libido. You will also be able to derive more pleasure from the act. As for libido pills for women, one can confidently say that Kamni capsule is a real deal!


Take one or two capsules of Kamni twice daily with milk or water regularly for 3 to 4 months to get satisfactory result.

Libido Pills For Women

Libido Pills For Women
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Ingredients Of Kamni Capsule

Abhrakh Bhasm - It is used in ayurvedic remedies to eliminate toxins from the body. It helps to protect liver and use of the bhasm reduces liver acid lipase level in the body. Abhrakh Bhasm has the properties to elevate the effect of alkaloids. It is prepared through biotite mica which is combined with plant juices. It helps to create cellular regenerator which also works as a nerve tonic which reduces the infections of respiratory tract and cures the problem of iron deficiency in women which helps to improve blood flow to various parts of the body to enhance libido. It also supports to enhance the function of other bhasma, which are added to the tonic.

Ras Sindoor - Ras sindoor is an ayurvedic preparation which helps in reducing debility in any part of the body and it is especially effective in reducing cardiac condition, swelling, degeneration of body and it also helps to maintain the constitution of the body and enhance female libido.

Nag Bhasm - Nag Basma is a unique herbal preparation which helps to enhance the density of bone and cure bone related disorders. Nag is basically the element lead and its bhasm is prepared through a series of steps. It is very important that exact procedure is followed to prepare the elements; otherwise, the resultant will not give 100% safe and effective bhasm. Shudh nag bhasma revitalizes the body and the mind completely. It improves the condition of all the sense organs and the brain.

Lauh Bhasm - It is a herbal preparation made through specified ayurvedic methods which has been reviewed by many leading health organizations and it has been found that it helps to fulfill the requirement of iron in the body and also improves blood flow to various body parts. It helps to reverse the effect of aging in women and clears arteries which improve blood flow. It is very effective in curing gum diseases and other forms of disabilities of the female reproductive organs. It is mainly a form of iron oxide which provides strength and nourishment to the body organs. It is very effective in curing the symptoms of anemia.

Bang Bhasm - Also called Stannum, it is the non-toxic form of metal which is prepared through rigorous ayurvedic methods and its regular intake helps to enhance the strength of body muscles and enhance growth of tissues. It is recommended to generate heat and energy in the body and it also helps to get rid of worm infection from human body and provide improved stamina. It helps to nourish the organs of the body and reduce weakness. Hence, it is taken by women and men to improve the strength of reproductive organs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is frigidity?

Frigidity is lack of interest and desire for lovemaking in otherwise appropriate circumstances. Lack of interest in lovemaking activity when tired, emotionally depressed, facing any other problem like financial or related to children etc. are temporary and occasional reasons which are normal and do not indicate frigidity. Absence of intense orgasm also does not denote frigidity until it does not cause detachment from the partner. Frigidity is mostly associated with women however some men may also have this problem. When a woman is unable to derive pleasure from lovemaking activity and does not show any interest in the advances of her partner despite of having a healthy relationship is called frigidity.

When woman is ready for lovemaking act vaginal fluids are secreted in her genital passage to provide lubrication. If vagina is not amply lubricated or remains dry it suggests that she is not excited for having sex. If there is no other disorder or diseases which may prevent vaginal lubrication then it is a symptom of frigidity. Low libido in females is also a symptom of frigidity as woman losing interest in lovemaking due to hormonal imbalance or any other ailment will not derive pleasure from it due lack of arousal and slowly will lose interest in the act completely. If woman is experiencing low libido without any clear cause then also it is a symptom of frigidity. Painful intercourse can be a symptom of vaginal dryness or infection or any other disease or disorder which may later lead to frigidity. Reduced pleasure during lovemaking after gaining weight or disease is also a symptom which may lead to a situation of complete loss of interest in coitus, decreasing duration of lovemaking after long duration may also lead to frigidity in later stages as sex drops low on priority list and slowly woman losing interest in it.

What causes frigidity in women?

Lack of desire for lovemaking or frigidity may occur due to psychological reasons embedded in a person's subconscious mind like feeling of shame, fear about sexual matters, childhood trauma, insecurity and depression. Physical reasons like experiencing pain during lovemaking act, obesity or other problems which decreases the pleasure of lovemaking slowly causes frigidity due to lack of interest. It is said that more sexually experienced woman is less likely to become frigid. Sometimes boredom in a long relationship due lack of knowledge of lovemaking techniques also makes a partner loose his or her interest in the act. Emotional detachment or strained relationships immediately cast adverse effects on partner's desire for lovemaking, insecurity in the mind of any partner related to stability of relationship or future also reduces interest and promotes frigidity. Change in the habits of the partner which may not be necessarily related directly to lovemaking act but disliked by the partner also promotes frigidity as it makes other partner feel less important in the relationship. Fears of pregnancy or STDs, gynecological disorders, dryness of genital passage etc. are few other reasons which may cause temporary or habitual frigidity. Too much anxiety about the performance takes away the desire for lovemaking act, sometimes false notions or over expectations can also promote frigidity.

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