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Home Remedies for Acidity, Natural Treatments

Acidity is a condition which occurs when gastric juices are produces excessively or when they reach the esophagus. Acidity is not normally considered a medical condition because it is either something temporary caused by unhealthy eating habits or a symptom of another disease. Acidity is often associated with a less healthy lifestyle or with an inadequate diet. Gastric juices are produced in the stomach and are supposed to remain there. However, there are factors which can determine the stomach to produce more juices than it needs. There are also factors which cause the juices to go up on the food tract and reach the esophagus. When this happens, a burning sensation occurs. There is nothing to worry about if you only experience occasional episodes of acidity because they might be the result of something you have consumed or of too much stress. On the other hand, recurring acidity attacks signalize the fact that you might have a digestive problem or that you should quickly change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Persistent acidity might have dangerous consequences on the interior walls of the esophagus. Acidity is also very common in pregnant women because their enlarged uterus applies pressure on the other organs and pushes the stomach upwards. People affected by acidity often rely on home remedies for acidity, especially for solving isolated acidity episodes.

Since acidity is not a veritable medical condition, it isn't absolutely necessary to treat it with pills, especially that these often have side effects. When it happens once in a while, the best thing you can try is to use home remedies for acidity. When it is more frequent, the only thing that will really put this problem behind you is a significant change in your lifestyle and a healthier diet. Acidity can be causes by digestive disorders or by more "trivial" factors like over eating, consuming unhealthy foods, smoking or drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, etc. People subjected to a lot of stress often complain of acidity, as well as persons who have a sedentary life. Acidity can also be a side effect of some prescribed pills. It is important to identify the causes of the condition before taking any measures. Symptoms of acidity might include, besides the burning sensation, belching, cramps, nausea and vomiting.

Milk is one of the home remedies for acidity which can provide fast relief from the disturbing symptoms of acidity. Keep some milk in the house and in case acidity hits, just drink a glass of it. This simple thing will reduce the burning sensation by decreasing the level of acid in the stomach.

Basil leaves are not only effective home remedies for acidity, but also veritable enemies of other gastro-intestinal problems like bloating or gas. Simply chew some fresh basil leaves after a meal that you consider a potential trigger for acidity.

It might seem like a paradox, but apple cider vinegar is considered one of the home remedies for acidity which works. It has a normalizing effect on the level of acidity in the digestive tract. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar need to be mixed with the equal quantity of honey and dissolved in a glass of water. This remedy should be consumed before eating anything for the day.

Ginger and coriander are equally powerful home remedies for acidity. Simply mix the two ingredients together and consume them.

One of the effective home remedies for acidity can be prepared at home from oranges and cumin seeds. Take a glass of fresh orange juice and drink it after you have added some roasted cumin seeds to it.

Most people expect to obtain quick relief from home remedies for acidity and use them only after the onset of symptoms. Coconut water is able of delivering such benefits, if consumed after a problematic meal.

Home remedies for acidity can also come in form of herbs. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry is very efficient in such a problem. Take two teaspoons of amla powder every day in order to get rid of acidity.

While some foods can trigger excessive acid in the stomach, others can be excellent home remedies for acidity. This is the case with almonds, for example. Chew some almonds when you feel threatened by acidity for preventing it or when it already started bothering you, for stopping its symptoms. Watermelon, bananas and apples are also very good for people often complaining of acidity.

Those who experience recurrent episodes of acidity need to understand that unless they do some life style changes, they won't solve the problem for good, no matter what home remedies for acidity they decide to use. There are foods that need to be avoided and there are also some that need to be consumed regularly. The golden rule is to have a healthy and balanced diet. It is also important to give up bad habits like smoking or drinking because these definitely trigger acidity. Getting enough sleep is also important, as well as drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. Never have large meals before you go to bed because your digestive system will feel burdened and won't be able to work properly. Don't postpone meals and don't leave large time periods between them. If you know that acidity mostly bothers you at night, sleep on an elevated pillow, so that your head and shoulders are higher than the rest of the body.

Diet is probably the most feared weapon you have against acidity. Avoiding bad foods is sure going to increase the efficiency of home remedies for acidity. You have to stay away of spicy, fatty and fried foods because these determine the stomach to produce more juices. Pickles also increase acidity, as well as some fresh fruits and vegetables. Completely avoid unripe fruits because these are sure triggers of acidity. Ripe fruits or fruit juices on the other hand are strongly recommended. On the list of foods which are harmful for people with acidity you can also add sour foods, onion, garlic, salads or other dishes which have vinegar, spices, chocolate, etc.

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