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Home Remedies for Alcoholism, Natural Treatments

Alcoholism is becoming very spread lately and few people are aware of the fact that it is a disease. Alcoholics usually have a hard time in admitting that they have a problem which requires their attention. They are under the impression that they can stop drinking whenever they want, but things are in fact much more complicated. All those who have a drinking problem should take immediate measures to put an end to this situation. Alcoholics can turn to home remedies for alcoholism in order to overcome their addiction easier. They should also try to determine the reasons that make them drink. Stressful periods in life, love problems or loss of dear persons can trigger alcoholism. It usually starts with a glass of alcohol from time to time and this habit eventually turns into a problem. Social conventions often perpetuate alcoholism and, until the problem is faced, there is nothing that can be done.

Symptoms of alcoholism are very easy to notice by anyone except the actual sufferer: bloodshot eyes, puffy face, hoarse voice, etc. If nothing is done, alcoholism starts to cause medical complications including liver problems, diseases of the circulatory system, disorders of the digestive system, impaired bowel movement, vomiting and even delirium. The state of mind of alcoholics is seriously affected when they can't drink and their behavior becomes hard to tolerate. Home remedies for alcoholism help people suffering of this problem to stop drinking and also to get pass the ugly symptoms. Frequently drinking alcohol leads to a built-up of toxins in the body and home remedies for alcoholism also detoxify the body organs and speed up recovery.

Alcoholics need to understand that the only way to overcome their problem is to have as strong will power and to be determined. As effective as home remedies for alcoholism might be, they can't work effectively unless the sufferer stops drinking.

Grapes are one of the very effective home remedies for alcoholism, but the key to success is, as mentioned above, the will power. Certain substances contained by grapes are similar to alcohol, without having any dangerous consequences on the human body. However, using grapes is not very simple because alcoholics should keep a restrictive grape diet for approximately a month. They should have five meals of grapes daily.

Along with grapes, apples are also great home remedies for alcoholism. At least a couple of apples should be consumed daily. They contain substances which flush away toxins from alcohol and they detoxify the blood. Apples can also help in dealing with cravings for alcohol and they should be eaten whenever the sufferer feels the need to have a drink.

The same effect can be obtained with other home remedies for alcoholism like celery. Celery juice can also work as a good replacement for alcoholic drinks because it minimizes the cravings. Other properties of celery juice include the ability to cleanse the stomach from the toxins which accumulated in there after long periods of consuming alcohol. It is recommended to have half a glass of celery juice twice a day.

One of the biggest problems that alcoholics have to face is to resist the temptation of having a drink. Their social life can make things even more difficult, so it might be best to stay in until they manage to keep their problem under control. While at home, they might find it easier to replace alcoholic drinks with one of the proven home remedies for alcohol, like carrot juice. A drink of this juice consumed instead of alcohol might help them to give up their habit.

In people suffering of alcoholism the liver is strongly affected and if the problem persists for prolonged periods of time, they might develop cirrhoses. Some of the best home remedies for alcoholism are those which also take care of the liver and prevent damage done by alcohol. People who suspect liver damage should consider a cure with bitter gourd juice. The cure should last for 30 days and sufferers should take three tablespoons of bitter gourd juice mixed in a glass of buttermilk. The remedy should be taken in the morning, on an empty stomach.
Other effective home remedies for alcoholism include oranges and lemons. A glass of juice of each of these citruses should be consumed every day. It is very rich in vitamins and it replenishes the levels of nutrients in the body.

Along with home remedies for alcoholism, sufferers should also adopt a healthy diet because nutrition is strongly connected with the body's ability to recover from alcohol usage. Juice fasting is a very good starting point for all those who want to give up drinking. It is the perfect way to detoxify the body and to eliminate the toxins which accumulated due to alcohol abuse. Once the body is cleansed, it will be easier to fight against alcoholism. Juice fasting is not recommended for more than 10 days and it is important to seek medical advice in case something doesn't feel right. Once the fasting is over, the diet for someone recovering from alcoholism should remain healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables should represent a considerable percentage of the daily food intake. Whole grains are also very good because they normalize the activity of the digestive system. Fatty foods are forbidden and those who smoke should give up this habit because it might induce the desire to drink alcohol.

While the above tips and home remedies for alcoholism might be very effective, nothing can be done unless the sufferer takes a commitment to get rid of this habit. The support of friends and family is very important. Avoiding social events for a while might be the best thing to do because there will be no temptation to drink. Recovering from alcoholism is not very easy, but it is not impossible either. Besides diet, alcoholic people shouldn't neglect the importance of proper rest. They should be aware of the fact that their body has been subjected to stress and it needs time to get back in its previous shape.

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