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Home Remedies for Amnesia, Natural Treatments

Amnesia is a medical term which refers to memory loss. This can be of two types: total or partial. Usually amnesia is used to define partial memory loss. It can have a variety of causes and it can affect all people. It is a very frustrating condition, both for the sufferers and his or hers loved ones. Depending on the causes, amnesia can determine the person's inability to retain new things or the person's inability to remember past events. Forgetting recent events, but remembering perfectly happenings from childhood is also very common in patients with amnesia. Generally speaking, amnesia occurs because of brain damage or because of improper functioning of the nervous system. There is no universal cure for amnesia because each person reacts differently. However, home remedies for amnesia can be really helpful and can't do any harm.

Amnesia can be caused by numerous factors. It mainly affects elderly people and it seems to be a consequence of the aging process. In younger people, amnesia can be the result of a trauma or an accident which involved the head. In some people, amnesia is a defense mechanism. They forget a traumatic event in order to protect themselves. Some medicines can provoke amnesia as one of their side effects. Treatment options for amnesia often include psychotherapy, but numerous patients also rely on home remedies for amnesia. These support the brain function and the nervous system and "feed" the brain.

There are numerous foods which are called "brain foods". They contain nutrients which are considered helpful for the brain functions and they make perfect home remedies for amnesia. Walnuts for instance can improve one's memory and help recover from amnesia. They should be consumed on a daily basis. Sufferers should eat at least 20 grams of walnuts at once and, for better results, they should combine them with half this quantity of raisins or figs.

Almonds are just as good for the memory as walnuts and they can also be considered effective home remedies for amnesia. In fact, they are good in various brain disorders or illnesses affecting the nervous system. Approximately ten almonds should be soaked in water overnight. In the morning, remove the peel and grind the almonds in order to make a paste. This paste should be consumed daily, possibly mixed with a tablespoon of butter.

Other foods which make great home remedies for amnesia include apples, milk and honey. Persons affected by memory losses should make a habit out of eating daily at least one apple and a cup of milk in which they have mixed a teaspoon of honey. All these foods contain nutrients that are beneficial for the brain functions.

Phosphorus seems to be an important ally for the memory and lack of this element can lead to memory loss. In order to have enough phosphorus in the body and to ensure a good functioning of the brain and nervous cells, you can also turn to home remedies for amnesia. Phosphorus can be found naturally in egg yolk, oranges, milk, cereals, grapes, etc.

Not only foods can be used as home remedies for amnesia, even though they play a very important part. Rosemary tea is considered extremely beneficial for the memory and many people with amnesia have tried it and have reported improvements. Drinking this tea on a daily basis will reduce the cases in which patients forget things and will also improve the overall health condition. Holy basil tea is just as effective as rosemary tea. People who prefer to consume holy basil leaves instead of drinking the tea should know that these have the same properties and are excellent home remedies for amnesia.

Honey is an amazing food, mainly because it contains numerous nutrients. Combined with certain ingredient it results in powerful home remedies for amnesia. Honey can be mixed with some grinded black pepper and consumed twice a day. Another way in which honey can be helpful is to mix it with cumin seeds. Two tablespoons of this mixture taken daily are enough to promote mental health.

Home remedies for amnesia can also come in form of herbs. Many plants have properties which improve memory and concentration. Gingko biloba and ginseng are widely used in order to have a good general health condition and to keep the brain functions intact. They increase the blood flow to the brain and this receives more oxygen and nutrients. Sage is another effective herb which can be used for making tea. Sage tea improves not only memory, but also enables people to focus better.

Along with the home remedies for amnesia, patients should also pay attention to their diet and lifestyle. It is very important that they eat healthy and flush away the toxins in their bodies. Sleeping enough is also essential for how the brain works. Natural and nutritious foods are recommended to all people facing memory problems. Vitamin B and C, as well as zinc, are determining how good the brain works and how much one can memorize. Omega 3 fatty acids are also strongly related with the mental health and the brain activity. They are mainly found in tuna, sardines, or salmon. Amnesia can be successfully prevented with the help of a healthy life style. While some foods can make the brain function better, others can contribute to the damage done to the nervous cells. Alcohol and caffeine are no good for the neurons and brain cells.

Some of the home remedies for amnesia which have worked in some people include meditation and relaxation techniques. It is important to eliminate stress and to induce relaxation. Yoga can do this, as well as other relaxation techniques. Their effects differ from individual to individual. In people who are likely to be affected by amnesia or in people who have already started to experience memory losses, it is recommended to keep the brain working by practicing various mind games. Chess, Sudoku or crosswords are good examples of how one can exercises his brain abilities. Keeping a diary with daily activities and then trying to remember them correctly without reading might also help in monitoring amnesia.

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