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Home Remedies for Angina, Natural Treatments

Angina is a pretty serious medical condition which shouldn't be taken lightly. It can even become fatal if it is ignored. Angina affects lots of people worldwide and it is the mot common heart disease. Sufferers feel pain and discomfort in the chest area. This happens because the heart does not receive enough oxygen through the blood stream. Whenever the oxygen quantity is too low, the heart goes in distress and discomfort and pressure appear. Depending on the causes of angina, the problem can be solved by simply making some lifestyle changes and taking home remedies for angina or it might require medical treatment and even surgery. Angina is often a symptom of the coronary heart disease. Insufficient blood flow to the heart can also be determined by blocked arteries or other cardiovascular disorders. Generally speaking, any condition that prevents blood from circulating normally through the arteries can lead to angina. It is very likely to hit in times of intense physical effort or emotional stress because the heart beats faster and it needs even more oxygen. Some categories of people (those who eat unhealthy or have a sedentary life style, as well as people suffering of diabetes or cholesterol, smokers, etc.) are more likely to develop angina.

Angina can be of more types. Stable angina, the most common one, is strongly connected with exertion. It can occur after exercising, for instance, but it usually goes away with proper rest or medication. Unstable angina, on the other hand, occurs when the blood flow to the heart is seriously reduced due to injuries like rupture of the built-up on the arterial walls. In these cases, angina does not go away until the blood flow is restored and it can even cause heart attacks. If stable angina might subside with the help of home remedies for angina, unstable one requires immediate medical attention. In many cases, especially in women, symptoms of angina can be mistaken with indigestion. The pain often spreads to the back, neck and shoulder.

People who have been diagnosed with angina should pay great attention to their diet and their lifestyle. They should make a daily habit out of using home remedies for angina, even in times when they feel better because the can prevent further problems. Lemon is good to be consumed daily because it prevents cholesterol from attacking the arterial walls. This means that the risk of having the arteries blocked and the blood flow reduced is smaller in people who consume lemon daily. A tablespoon of juice every day is enough, regardless weather if it's taken as it is or with water.

Lemon can be combined with another one of the effective home remedies for angina, honey. It has approximately the same effect as lemon because it stops cholesterols from forming inside the arteries and it keeps the blood vessels clean. Sufferers can either mix a few honey drops with warm water or can add a lemon slice to them. Honey and lemon can be taken twice a day.

Antioxidants are very important for the body because they keep the circulatory system in good functioning and they cleanse the blood. Home remedies for angina which are rich in antioxidants, like apples, are very good. Two or three apples should be in the diet of an angina sufferer every day.

Grapes, as well as apples, are one of the most delicious and easy to use home remedies for angina. It should be a pleasure for people with this condition to have grapes every day. They taste good and they can also keep heart problems away.

Home remedies for angina also come in form of herbs. They are not at all difficult to use and they can work wonders, especially in cases of mild angina. Juice made of asparagus leaves is very effective. It needs to be mixed with half its quantity of honey and taken thrice a week. Asparagus juice is also beneficial in other heart conditions.

Parsley is an herb with multiple curative properties and it seems to be one of the best home remedies for angina also. It can be taken as a tea, but fresh leaves have the same effect.
Some of the home remedies for angina which some people might not appreciate are pungent foods (onion and garlic). They are good for the medical condition, but there are persons who can't tolerate their smell. Garlic should be boiled in milk and then consumed. Those who like onion best have to take one tablespoon of honey juice every morning.

Regardless the home remedies for angina that sufferers use, healthy life style changes need to be done in order to over come angina and to stay away from its serious consequences. People with angina should be very careful with what they eat. Red meat, fatty and sugary foods and alcohol are not at al recommended. The diet of someone with heart problems should be based on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals and good fats, like those found in fish. Only lean meat should be consumed and any food containing saturated fats or bad cholesterol should be eliminated. Those who smoke should seriously consider quitting because this habit can contribute to clogging of the arteries. A healthy diet will not only prevent angina, but will also provide additional benefits for the overall heath condition.

Diet is not all that matters when it comes to the lifestyle of an angina sufferer. It is indeed very important, but physical activity should also be taken into consideration. While too much effort can indeed trigger angina, light exercise, jogging or brisk walks can prove beneficial. Stress is one of the main factors which contribute to the occurrence of angina. It can make the heart beat faster and it can provoke veritable disasters in the body. People who have once experienced angina should be very careful in what concerns stress management. If they don't do everything they can to reduce their exposure to stress, this might become fatal to them.

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