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Home Remedies for Anorexia, Natural Treatments

Anorexia is an eating disorder which can have terrible consequences on one's health condition. It is believed that it mainly affects women and young girls, but it can occur in males also, especially if it is triggered by an underlying medical condition. Unfortunately, many anorexia cases go undiagnosed and the incidence of this disorder can't be estimated with accuracy. Some anorexia sufferers don't even want to admit that they have a problem and they are very difficult to treat. A person with anorexia will have no desire at all to eat and will even reject food. Some patients reach a point when they can't eat at all and they consider food totally unappealing. Consequences of complete appetite loss can be very dangerous because the entire digestive system of the sufferer is affected and gets damaged. Anorexia might not do any harm in the beginning, especially if it's stopped in an early stage, but if nothing is done, the overall health condition can be destroyed. Home remedies for anorexia can be of real help because they can restore the normal appetite.

Unfortunately anorexia is a condition with complex and hard to overcome causes. It might start as a desire to look thin and it might reach alarming points. Sometimes wrong social standards can trigger anorexia in young girls who want to look just like their favorite stars. Depression and lack of confidence might also turn normal women in anorexic ones. There are cases in which the condition is related to some traumatic events or to unhappy family life. Anorexia determined by psychological factors is difficult to treat because the patient must start with admitting that he or she has a problem. Otherwise, he or she won't recognize the utility of home remedies for anorexia and would refuse using them. Anorexic people often see themselves as very fat, while there are actually extremely thin. It is very important for sufferers to realize that they don't have a body weight problem and they need to increase their appetite.

Families and friends of people with anorexia should be very understanding and should do everything in their power to convince sufferers that they have a problem that needs to be addressed. Home remedies for anorexia can be very effective in increasing the appetite. In fact, this should be the primarily goal of anorexic persons. Ginger is known for its properties on what concerns the digestive system. It ensures a good functioning of the entire digestive tract and it also solves the problem of lack of appetite. Anorexic people should make a mixture from peeled ginger, asafetida, some black pepper and a few drops of lemon juice. By taking this for two weeks in a row, patients will notice an increased desire for eating.

Ginger is probably one of the most famous home remedies for anorexia. Ginger juice can be mixed with lime juice and some rock salt. The mixture needs to be kept in sunlight for three days. A tablespoon a day will not only restore the lost appetite, but will also boost immunity and keep sufferers away from illnesses.

Certain fruits can be great home remedies for anorexia as long as the patients are convinced to eat them. Such fruits include oranges and apples. The first ones boost the appetite and make people feel hungry soon after consuming them. Apples have approximately the same effect and they also make the digestive process smoother.

A pretty serious problem in people with anorexia is the fact that other disorders and diseases might occur because the body is weakened by lack of nutrients. It would be great if home remedies for anorexia would also strengthen the body and increase immunity. This is for instance the case with holy basil. Tea made out of holy basil leaves is a powerful enemy of anorexia and also keeps infections away.

Several other herbs are also excellent home remedies for anorexia. The most effective ones are sage, rosemary and mint. Sage and rosemary should be consumed as tea, at least once a day in order to notice a positive change in the appetite. Mint on the other hand is best to be taken as juice. It normalizes the appetite and it also protects the digestive system.

Soup is among the best foods that can be served to somebody suffering of anorexia because it stimulates the appetite. In fact, soup is in itself one of the best home remedies for anorexia. Vegetable soup is just as good as chicken soup, so it's up to the sufferer's personal preferences. The soup can be made tastier by adding a pinch of black pepper to it.

Cloves are excellent home remedies for anorexia. Four cloves should be boiled in a cup of water. The mixture is even more effective if a tablespoon of lemon juice is added. A week cure with this remedy should be enough to notice improvements in what concerns the desire to eat.

Sour grapes are one of the home remedies for anorexia which also take care of the stomach and strengthens it. Helping the digestive system can't do any harm. A cure with sour grapes juice is going to be very beneficial. The juice can be either consumed as it is or included in various recipes.

Even though its smell is not actually appealing, garlic is one of the best home remedies for anorexia. It works because it speeds up the digestive process, so people consuming it feel hunger sooner than they would normally do. Garlic can be either included in foods or consumed as it is. Garlic soup is also good.

Anorexia is not a condition that should remain unnoticed or undiagnosed. Especially in what concerns young girls, it is in their families' responsibility to avoid that such eating disorders become serious and even life threatening. Along with home remedies for anorexia, people with this condition should avoid appetite suppressants such as cigarettes, alcoholic drinks or caffeinated beverages. Spicy foods might be good to consumed every now and then because they are more attractive. Anorexic people should have nutritious meals in order to make sure their bodies have everything they need and don't become undernourished.

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