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Home Remedies for Appendicitis, Natural Treatments

Appendicitis refers to the inflammation of the appendix, a body part which is pretty controversial. The appendix is located in the lower abdominal area, approximately where the intestines connect with the stomach. The medical community mostly agrees that it is a leftover from the evolution process and it is now of no use in human beings. However, there are still experts which consider that the appendix plays a part in what concerns the immunity. It is hard to tell which version is the correct one. It is for sure that appendicitis affects approximately 7% of the population and those in whom the appendix is surgically removed have no problem at all. Appendicitis is nothing to joke about because, if it is ignored, it can aggravate in a couple of days time and it can become even fatal. The illness occurs when the appendix becomes inflamed and infected. Being in the close proximity of the cecum, the appendix might get blocked by small particles of feces. When this happens, the perfect environment for viruses and bacteria is created and there is only one step to an infection. However, the exact mechanism of developing appendicitis is still being studied.

Appendicitis starts with pain in the abdominal area which gradually reaches the lower right abdominal region. The pain is enhanced when moving and it becomes more severe in time. Appendicitis can be either chronic or acute. Regardless its type, it requires immediate medical attention. The pain will shortly be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and if nothing is done, the infection might lead to the rupture of the appendix. When this happens the infection can spread in the entire body causing shock and even death. Ruptured appendix is referred to as peritonitis and it is considered a surgical emergency. Home remedies for appendicitis exists and they might be effective in mild cases. It is always best to ask for a medical opinion if the situation does not improve or it aggravates. One thing is for sure: home remedies for appendicitis can prevent the occurrence of this condition and can stop the appendix from inflaming.

Green grams are probably the most famous home remedies for appendicitis. Taking a teaspoon of green grams three times each day can keep the inflammation away or reduce it. In case it doesn't work, the only safe solution is to have the appendix surgically removed. This is the only way to avoid appendicitis for granted.

Slices of raw ginger are excellent home remedies for appendicitis because they can help with one of the worst symptoms in this disorder: vomiting. Some people prefer to consume the ginger slices after they have kept them for a while in rock salt. Ginger can also be mixed with raw garlic or with turmeric in order to create powerful home remedies for appendicitis.

Diet plays an important part in avoiding appendix inflammation. Two or three days juice fasting is recommended in people who want to detoxify their body and to prevent infections. Considering this, vegetable juices are effective home remedies for appendicitis. Even those who can't fast for several days should drink half a liter of vegetables juice daily because it will help them. Cucumber, carrots and beet are the best one to be used.

People suffering of appendicitis should have a very strict diet because otherwise they can easily develop peritonitis. Some foods are strong home remedies for appendicitis and a diet based on them is supposed to be helpful. Milk and nuts are recommended in the morning, while the rest of the meals should mainly be based on steamed or fresh vegetables. Cottage cheese is also allowed and dinner should consist of milk only. Fruit juices are recommended throughout the day.

Other foods which are good in appendicitis include buttermilk. It seems to be among the home remedies for appendicitis which can reduce inflammation and provide relief from symptoms. Nevertheless, significant quantities should be consumed and effects can be visible only if over one liter is taken daily.

Besides foods, herbs can also make excellent home remedies for appendicitis. Most of them need to be taken in form of tea in order to make the symptoms of appendicitis subside. Agrimony tea for instance is very effective. Sufferers have to drink a cup every several hours. Basil tea is just as effective and it is recommended in people who also have a fever. Dandelion can also be used in cases of appendicitis. However, this is one of the home remedies for appendicitis which shouldn't be consumed by people who have kidney problems of diabetes because it can have unpleasant side effects.

Fenugreek seeds are effective home remedies for appendicitis and those who regularly consume tea made of fenugreek seeds have high chances of never developing this illness.

Chinese medicine also puts at our disposal effective home remedies for appendicitis in form of herbs. Gotu kola is traditionally known for its curative properties. However, it is not recommended to be used by people who suffer of high blood pressure.

Home remedies for appendicitis can't guarantee the fact that surgery won't be needed anymore. Their role is mostly preventive, although some of them might reduce already existing inflammation. People with appendicitis should completely avoid physical effort because this might worsen their condition and provoke rupture of the appendix. Constipation should be avoided from the same reasons. Sufferers should have a diet rich in fibers because these will ensure normal bowel movement.

Even though living without the appendix makes no difference at all, having it removed is still a surgical procedure and implies some risks. From these reasons, preventing the occurrence of appendicitis is always best than treating it. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables is recommended, as well as a significant consumption of water. This flushes away toxins in the body and prevents them from accumulating in the appendix area. Home remedies for appendicitis can't do any harm, so they can be used for preventing this condition without fearing any side effects. Except certain herbs which have to be avoided by some people and have been mentioned above, there is nothing to worry about.

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