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Home Remedies for Arteriosclerosis, Natural Treatments

Arteriosclerosis is a medical condition which refers to the fact that the inner walls of the arteries get thicker. The arteries are blood vessels transporting blood to the heart and other body organs. Build-ups of cholesterol, toxins or calcium can develop on their walls making them harder than normal and preventing the blood from circulating as it should. Arteriosclerosis usually affects major or medium arteries in the body. Thicken of the blood vessels is somehow normal as people get older. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle and the unhealthy diets that more and more people adopt increase the incidence of this disease. Arteriosclerosis is a serious condition because it can lead to complete blockage of the arteries, which will cut off blood supply to heart or other organs. Arteriosclerosis can also make the blood clog and can provoke heart disease or arterial rupture which is very dangerous. Medical attention is usually needed, but there are some home remedies for arteriosclerosis which can help blood vessels come back to normal.

Arteriosclerosis can be caused by aging or by inadequate lifestyle. Eating lots of animal fats, smoking and never exercising are sure factors which cause this disease. Being overweight or obese, having a high level of cholesterol or a high blood pressure also makes people susceptible of developing arteriosclerosis. It seems that men are more predisposed than women and patients with diabetes have high chances of having thick arterial walls. Main symptoms of arteriosclerosis include angina, numbness in the feet, cold sensation in the feet, leg cramps and even paralysis. Home remedies for arteriosclerosis can cure the condition and can prevent it from getting worse. If nothing is done about it, it can block arteries completely. This can result in heart attack, brain stroke or gangrene, depending on which body organ is left without blood.

The first and most important step that needs to be taken by people diagnosed with arteriosclerosis is to change their life style to a healthier one. This can literally save their life because it prevents further development of the condition. Home remedies for arteriosclerosis usually promote a healthy life and are advised because they can restore the normal condition of the blood vessels. Garlic has numerous curative properties and it seems to also be effective in arteriosclerosis. It can be taken in any form and even capsules do the work. Besides being beneficial in arteriosclerosis, garlic, consumed daily, also has the ability of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. Consumed uncooked, garlic cleanses the blood of harmful toxins which can built up on the interior of the arteries.

In some countries it is believed that honey is one of the most powerful home remedies for arteriosclerosis. It is very rich in nutrients and it removes toxins from the body. Having a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey can keep arteriosclerosis away and can make sufferers feel better.

Not only the lemon juice, but also the lemon peel works as one of the good home remedies for arteriosclerosis. Lemon peel should be kept in warm water overnight. It should have enough water so that it saturates and a teaspoon of the resulted mixture should be taken three times a day, together with the main meals.

Vegetables like carrots and onion are considered good home remedies for arteriosclerosis. Drinking carrot juice every day is promoting the health of the circulatory system and it is also good for the overall health condition. A teaspoon of onion juice taken once a day is also beneficial for arterioscleroses.

A cure with papaya can make wonders for arteriosclerosis sufferers. This fruit is one of the most effective home remedies for arteriosclerosis, but in order to provide good results, it should be consumed every morning, for a month, on an empty stomach. It is best not to eat anything for two hours after the papaya fruit.

Beet can be used in arteriosclerosis. Both beet juice and beet root boiled and mashed are good home remedies for arteriosclerosis. Beet juice in particular is capable of dissolving calcium deposits that might form on the arterial walls and harden them. Having spinach included in the daily diet is also beneficial.

None of the home remedies for arteriosclerosis mentioned above can do their job unless patients also commit to eating healthy and to eliminating from their diet foods that increase the risk of arteriosclerosis and aggravate their condition. Saturated fats and foods rich in animal fat like butter or cheese are totally forbidden because the level of cholesterol in the body skyrockets when they are consumed. This also applies to eggs and sugary foods. It is naturally understood that patients with arteriosclerosis shouldn't smoke under any circumstance and should also avoid second-hand smoke. Tobacco products are known for hardening the arterial walls. Alcohol is not recommended either. Instead, the daily diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables because they have no fat and no cholesterol at all. Besides the fact that they don't bring toxins to the body, they also have a cleansing effect and the flush away existing harmful substances.

In fact, not only the diet of people with arteriosclerosis should change, but their entire life style. Regular exercise can keep the heart and the circulatory system in good shape. Once the disease is diagnosed, patients should understand the importance of treating it adequately and of living healthier because this can make their lives longer. Even though hardening of the arteries is normal in elderly people, this does not mean that they should nothing about it. They can live longer and they can increase their quality of life by taking advantage of home remedies for arteriosclerosis and by adapting their life style to their new condition. The role of vitamins and minerals in the body should not be neglected. Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients because it supports the activity of the bile. This is responsible with keeping cholesterol under control, so increased intake of citruses juice and even vitamin C supplements should be considered in arteriosclerosis.

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