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Home Remedies for Asthma, Natural Treatments

Asthma is a very common respiratory disease and it equally affects men and women. It doesn't have a cure, so those who develop it should learn how to reduce the risks and to live with the disease. There are treatment options that can keep it under control and home remedies for asthma are also very helpful. Patients with asthma have very sensitive airways and when these become irritated, they block the air that should go in and out the lungs. Asthma attacks are very disturbing. However, patients can be completely fine in between the attacks and their frequency differs from individual to individual. In some people, there might be years from one attack to another. Even if no cure for asthma was found, there are numerous possibilities of controlling the illness. Every sufferer should work with his therapist.

Asthma is usually triggered by allergenic factors. The most common ones are airborne allergens like pollen or dust mites. However, depending from sufferer to sufferer, there are numerous other substances, including foods, which can provoke an asthma attack. There are also asthma causes of non allergenic nature like stressful situations, cold weather, wind, etc. Every patient should learn how to recognize which triggers his or hers attacks. By doing this and by also using home remedies for asthma, the frequency of the attacks can be reduced. Regardless the causes that have determined the attack, the symptoms are approximately the same in all sufferers: wheezing, cough, pressure and pain in the chest area, difficulty in breathing and increased heart rate. Everybody should be aware of the fact that no matter what home remedies for asthma or treatment schemes he or she uses, smoking can annihilate their effect and can seriously aggravate the condition.

One of the easiest to use home remedies for asthma is honey. It can be used when the sufferer experiences an attack, in order to reduce its intensity. A jar or any other container with honey should be kept close to the nose and the patient should inhale the air that has been in contact with the honey. This air will release his or hers airways pretty fast. Honey can also be taken in between the attacks, as a preventive measure. A glass of water with a teaspoon of honey in it should be taken daily.

Another one of the home remedies for asthma which can be used in order to end an attack is mustard oil. This should be mixed with camphor and massaged on the sufferer's back. It will provide immediate relief and it will help him or her breathe easier.

Garlic is helpful in patients with asthma. There are two possible home remedies for asthma using garlic. It can either be boiled in milk (10 garlic cloves and 30 grams of milk) or minced and added to the ginger tea. No matter how the patient decides to take the garlic, he or she should have it daily in order to be helpful in asthma.

Home remedies for asthma which have an expectorant effect are very helpful because they facilitate the opening of the airways. Ginger tea combined with fenugreek seeds decoction and sweetened with honey should be consumed twice a day, every morning and every evening, in order to expectorate easier.

Certain fruits are valuable home remedies for asthma. Figs for instance can help in eliminating the phlegm that blocks the airways. Several figs should be kept in water overnight, after they have previously been washed in warm water. Lemons are also helpful. The juice that results from one lemon should be mixed in a cup of water and consumed daily in order to ameliorate asthma.

Traditional medicine teaches us many things about home remedies for asthma. In ancient times people were using bitter gourd root in order to cure this condition. They were making a paste of bitter gourd roots and they were also adding some honey to it. Some say that honey can be replaced with holy basil juice and that the efficacy of the remedy remains the same. The mixture should be taken for at least a month, each evening, for noticing visible results.

Turmeric is one of the most effective home remedies for asthma. It is best to be taken every morning, either mixed with a teaspoon of honey or mixed in a cup of milk. Those who choose the last option should know that a teaspoon of turmeric is enough for a cup of milk, but they should have this remedy two or three times every day.

Linseed can be helpful in people suffering of asthma. Twenty grams of linseed should be boiled in 300 grams of water until the quantity of water reduces with 2/3. The remaining mixture should be sieved and sweetened with 10 grams of sugar candy. Patients should not drink it all at once, but take one tablespoon from time to time for one hour. This will ensure the elimination of the mucus that is on the airways.

Home remedies for asthma can minimize the incidence of the attacks. However, if an attack has already occurred, patients should follow the treatment prescribed by their doctor and shouldn't rely solely on home remedies. All asthma sufferers should be aware that smoking can be fatal to them and they should also know that second hand smoke is just as dangerous. They should pay attention to their attacks and to find out what exactly triggers them. They can even write down climatic conditions and foods they consumed daily in order to determine a pattern of the attacks. Once they are familiar with the triggering factors, they can work towards eliminating them completely, if possible. Even though the medical community hasn't reach an agreement in what concerns the allergenic potential of certain foods, if the sufferer notices any connection between what he or she eats and the asthma attacks, measures for avoiding that food should be taken. Dry climates are always better for asthma sufferers and fresh air, as well as sun and water, have a significant healing potential that shouldn't be ignored.

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