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Home Remedies for Backache, Natural Treatments

In modern society backache is becoming more and more common. It can be caused by numerous factors, even of psychological nature. Backache can come from muscular injury, from the joints, the ligaments, the tendons and, in some cases, from the spine. People who have a weight problem are more exposed to backaches because their back has to support an increased weight and might weaken faster. Older people are also likely to experience backaches because their bones, joints and ligaments damage with age. There are some diseases which include backache among their symptoms. Spondylosis and arthritis, two degenerative conditions strongly connected with age, are the main culprits for backaches. Sometimes back pains can interfere with one's normal life and can prevent him or her from completing everyday tasks. Backaches can diminish one's quality of life. Fortunately, home remedies for backache can be of help in this matter and can make people feel better.

Symptoms of backache differ depending on what has caused the condition and also on the particularities of each sufferer. Some people experience recurrent pains, while others feel the ache out of the blue. The pain in some sufferers is constant and of low intensity. Others feel sharp and stabbing pain. Most of the sufferers experience pain in their lower or middle back. This can be provoked by bad posture, injury, lifting weights, bending incorrectly, wearing high heels, kidney problems, nutritional deficiencies, etc. The pain can also spread from the lower back to the hips, legs and waist. Spending too much time at the computer and having a sedentary lifestyle can also provoke backache. In such cases the pain is felt in the upper back, in the neck and the shoulders. Home remedies for backache can keep the pain under control and can help sufferers take back their normal life.

One of the best home remedies for backache is massage. It is best to be done with massage oils for better results. However, it is also important to correctly choose the oil and to practice the massage adequately because otherwise it can do more harm than good. Garlic oil is very effective. A few garlic cloves should be fried in approximately 60 milliliters of vegetable oil until this becomes warm. Then the oil can be used for massage, but only after it cools down. Arthcare oil and mint oil are also great to be used for massage because they have anti-inflammatory properties and they can reduce the pain caused by inflammation. Massages should be followed by warm baths and should be practiced for at least two weeks in a raw in order to notice improvements.

Heat therapy can reduce the pain and it is one of the home remedies for backache which is almost always at hand. Sufferers can use a hot water bottle or an infrared lamp in order to provide heat to the affected area.

In ancient times people were relying solely on home remedies for backache. Poultice made of raw potato was famous for its healing properties. It is effective especially in cases of pain in the lumbar region.

While most people focus on home remedies for backache which need to be applied topically, the importance of other types of remedies is neglected. Lemons for instance are very good in cases of backache. Their juice should be mixed with some salt and taken two times every day.
Cabbage leaves are excellent home remedies for backache. They also have to be applied locally, but not as they are. The leaves should be boiled in milk until the mixture becomes jelly-like. Then it should be spread on a clean cloth and applied on the back while it's still warm. It is ideal to secure the cloth with a scarf and to keep it on the painful area over night.

One of the most complex home remedies for backache is made of wheat, khas khas grass and coriander. Soak 60 grams of wheat in water and keep it like that over night. In the morning, add 30 grams of each of the other two ingredients. Put all three ingredients in 250 milliliters of milk and boil the mixture until one third of it evaporates. The result is beneficial both for ameliorating pain and for preventing infections and inflammations in the body.

People who experience recurrent backaches or who are prone to this illness should learn how to avoid it and how to minimize the chances of suffering of pain again. Those who have a sedentary life style and spend a lot of time sitting down or working at the computer should get up and move around several minutes each hour. Regular light exercise is beneficial for backache because it keeps the tendons and the joints in good shape. Caution is needed in order not to over exercise. However, a routine of 15-30 minutes of exercise can't do any harm if practiced a few times a week. Even 15 minutes of walk daily are better than being completely sedentary. Sufferers should avoid to lift weights or to do any physical activity that might harm their back. Women who wear high heels are more likely to experience backaches because they apply some extra stress to the back muscles and bones in order to keep their posture. Both men and women should wear comfortable shoes that won't put any pressure on their back.

Rest is an important ally in fighting backache. It can make home remedies for backache more effective and it can even provide some relief on its own. When the pain gets intense, sufferers should lie down for several hours. However, those who frequently experience backaches should sleep on firm mattresses and should avoid soft ones or cushions because they can enhance their pain. Sleeping on a high pillow is also not advisable because it might worsen the pain. It is best to either sleep flat on the back or on one side, with the knees bend at ninety degrees. Rest can be of much help, but can also do harm if the sleeping position is not correct.

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