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Home Remedies for Bedwetting, Natural Treatments

Bedwetting is a pretty common problem in children. It usually happens before the child is completely potty or toilet trained and it doesn't necessarily signalize a problem. It is not abnormal for small children to wet their bed before they start to have full control over their bladders. However, if the problem persists after the age of 7 it might have deeper causes and it needs to be addressed immediately. Punishing the child is never a solution to bedwetting because it will put too much stress on his or hers shoulders. After all, the child already feels embarrassed and, in most of the cases, he or she can't do a thing for controlling the problem. Home remedies for bedwetting can successfully help parents overcome this problem. Ignored, it will cause sleep deprivation in both children and parents because waking up in the middle of the night for changing sheets is nothing easy. In the great majority of the cases some lifestyle changes and an adequate diet, together with home remedies for bedwetting can put an end to the frustrating situation. In other cases the child could also use the help of a professional.

Parents should worry if bedwetting is also accompanied by other symptoms like pain when urinating, abnormal color of the urine, excessive thirst, sleeping disorders, irritations in the genital area, etc. The fact that a child starts wetting the bed again after a period in which he or she hasn't done this anymore might also be a sign that the causes are complex. When bedwetting is not simply determined by the incapacity to control the bladder it might be provoked by underlying medical conditions like urinary tract infections, constipation, nervous disorders that prevent the child from controlling the bladder, diabetes, sleep disorders or hormonal imbalances. Stress and anxiety can also make a child wet his or hers bed. Fear of dark for instance might determine a child to remain in bed overnight instead of going to the bathroom. It is very common for children going through important changes in their lives such as moving to a new place or starting school to have bedwetting problems. Parents should understand the fact that such a problem can affect the emotional stability of their kids and it can be terribly frustrating for them.

Cranberry juice is one of the most used home remedies for bedwetting. It should be consumed before going to bed and it is particularly effective in cases of urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice helps in flushing away bacteria that can determine infections.

Cinnamon can be used in children who wet their beds. It is one of the easiest to use home remedies for bedwetting. At any time during the day the child should chew on a cinnamon bark. It will help him or her avoid unpleasant incidents during the night.

Raisins and walnuts work as home remedies for bedwetting. The child won't even feel that he or she is undergoing a treatment for the problem because he or she will only have to include raisins and walnuts in the dinner.

Milk can be one of the most effective home remedies for bedwetting, but not as it is. It is best to mix some mustard powder in a glass of milk and to give it to the child before going to bed. Sarson powder mixed in milk has the same effect and can stop the problem of bedwetting.

One of the home remedies for bedwetting which have helped many children are herbal teas. They should be made of herbs like corn silk, horsetail, lemon balm and zea mays. All the herbs should be combined and the resulted tea should be given to the child three times a day. Half a cup each time will have a good effect, but it should be consumed a couple of hours before going to bed because of its diuretic effect.

Some parents say that massage is one of the effective home remedies for bedwetting. It is best to use some massage oils in the bladder area. This works because it strengthens the muscles which are involved in bladder control and it enables a child to reach the bathroom. The massage can be done each evening before going to bed, although some say they have obtained better results with practicing the massage in "episodes" of 15 seconds spread throughout the day.

Bananas are probably the most delicious home remedies for bedwetting. Consuming bananas daily can prevent unpleasant incidents. They are great because they won't make the kid feel embarrassed as if he or she would have to undergo a treatment for the problem.

Along with the home remedies for bedwetting parents should also enforce some dietary and lifestyle changes. Junk food and other unhealthy foods are not good in children in general and in children who wet their beds in particular. Instead they should be fed healthy because this will promote the healthy development of all their body organs, including the urinary tract. Liquid intake should be restricted a couple of hours before going to bed. Children should have no access at all at alcoholic or caffeinated beverages because they are bad for their nervous system and they also have a diuretic effect. Sodas or other carbonated drinks can worsen the bedwetting problem. On the other hand, healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, etc. can make things better because besides ensuring a good overall health condition they also cleanse the body of toxins.

Dietary changes and home remedies for bedwetting should also be accompanied by some exercises for strengthening the bladder and for teaching the children good habits. When the child feels like urinating during the day, he or she should be taught to hold for several minutes. This will promote bladder control and will help the child reach the bathroom at night. It is very important for parents to correctly identify the causes that make their children wet the bed. In case the problem is determined by stress or anxiety, counseling might be a good idea.

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