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Home Remedies for Bone Spur, Natural Treatments

Bone spur is a common name give to the medical condition called osteophytes. It refers to an abnormal growth which develops on the bones. It is a calcium deposit that appears on one or more bones and puts pressure on the nerves and muscles it goes into contact with. Bone spur is usually experienced by older people, but it might as well affect younger ones. The growth in itself is not painful, but given the fact that it presses nerves and surrounding tissue, it might cause painful symptoms. Bone spur can be found on any bone, but it is usually more common on the spine, the heels, the hips, the fingers, the shoulders, the feet or the knees. In most of the cases it is located in the joint area and it seems to be connected by joint degeneration in older people. Symptoms might vary in intensity from individual to individual and also depending on where the spur is located. In some cases, doctors recommend removing the bone spur surgically. However, in mild cases home remedies for bone spur can eliminate the need for surgery.

Symptoms of bone spur can sometimes be completely absent. Other times they can be mistaken with other conditions. When the spur is located on the spine, it can easily be confused with a slipped disk. However, a correct diagnosis can be put with the help of x-ray examination. Generally speaking, bone spurs cause pain in the area where they grow. They can also affect mobility and prevent someone from having a normal life. Bone spur is usually the result of an underlying medical condition. It can be osteoarthritis (in the great majority of the cases), spinal stenosis, spondylosis or plantar fasciitis. In older people, bone spur can be the natural response of the body which is trying to produce extra bone to cover for the damage that occurs with age. Accidents, injuries or lack of nutrients in the diet can facilitate the occurrence of bone spur. Home remedies for bone spur provide relief from the symptoms and also minimize the growths.

Ice packs are the simplest home remedies which can be used for bone spur. They reduce the inflammation that might occur and cause pain. All that you have to do is to regularly apply ice packs on the affected area and to see if there is any improvement.

Some people might react better to heat therapy instead of cold therapy. Hot packs might be better home remedies for bone spur than ice for some people. In order to find out which is the right thing to do for him or for her, each sufferer should try them both and see how his or hers body reacts.

Turmeric is one of the home remedies for bone spur which can reduce the pain associated with the growths and which can also diminish their size, in time. Turmeric has to be taken three times every day in order to notice visible results. It appears that the yellow pigment contained by turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

Another one of the home remedies for bone spur with anti-inflammatory properties is chamomile. In order for it to be effective, make some chamomile tea and use it for washing the area affected by bone spur. It will alleviate the pain and it will stop the inflammation. A couple of teaspoons of chamomile are enough for a cup of boiling water. The herb can be used either fresh or dried.

Flaxseed is one of the home remedies for bone spur which can be combined with the heat therapy in order to provide great results. Heat some flaxseed and then put it in a cloth. Make sure it is thick, so you don't burn your skin. Keep the cloth on the affected area until it cools down.

Linseed oil also works in cases of bone spur. This is one of the home remedies for bone spur which has to be heated for better results. Soak a clean cloth in warm linseed oil and apply on the spur. Keep it there for a while and also use a heating pad if you are in pain. The heat will ameliorate the symptoms and will make you feel better.

Certain home remedies for bone spur are targeted for specific body areas. For instance, footbaths are excellent in case of bone spurs which affect the feet. It is best to alternate cold baths with hot baths.

Besides using home remedies for bone spur in order to avoid undergoing surgical procedures, you can also try to prevent this condition from appearing. It seems that nothing much can be done, especially in what concerns older people. Still, bone spur which appears in feet or knees becomes even more painful in overweight persons. Losing some weight might be an excellent idea because it reduces some of the pressure on the joints. This implicitly reduces joint degradation. Even though there is no specific diet which is known to prevent bone spur, eating healthy has its clear advantages because it keeps weight under control. Bone degradation is also enhanced by lack of nutrients, so nutritious foods are recommended.

Bone spur can be caused or worsen by sports injuries or other accidents. Even if home remedies for bone spur have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, keeping the area safe and protected is very important. Avoid movements that might aggravate pain and also try to stay away from sports where you can injure. Warming up before practicing any kind of physical activity is very important because it helps preventing unpleasant incidents. People who often wear high heels should re-consider their footwear because additional pressure on the feet bones might lead to bone spur. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and to also use soft pads for increased comfort of the feet. Some people have also found beneficial to practice mild physical exercises or yoga. Together with the home remedies for bone spur, they have helped in gradually reduce the size of the spur.

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