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Home Remedies for Bronchitis, Natural Treatments

Bronchitis is a pretty common respiratory disease. The bronchial tubes, which connect the nasal airways with the lungs, become infected and this results in unpleasant symptoms. This can happen frequently, as the bronchial tubes retain all particles which shouldn't get into the lungs, including viruses and bacteria. Bronchitis can be of two types: acute and chronic. The acute one is usually of viral nature. Only in 10% of the cases bacteria are responsible for acute bronchitis. This means that antibiotics, especially self-prescribed ones, are not going to be effective. The symptoms of acute bronchitis may vary in severity. Given the fact that this disease might cause unwanted medical complications if ignored, it is best to seek medical advice and to also take advantage of home remedies for bronchitis for feeling better. Chronic bronchitis, on the other hand, can be considered an allergic reaction. The disease becomes chronic if the symptoms persist for more than three months in one year. In this case, home remedies for bronchitis can only provide relief from the symptoms because complete healing is possible if exposure to the allergenic factors is stopped.

Acute and chronic bronchitis have different causes. However, there are some factors that need to be avoided or that can trigger the condition. Smoking is one of them because it irritates the respiratory tract. Besides viruses and bacteria, environmental factors and pollution can also trigger bronchitis. Weather changes might affect people with this disease and those with a low level of immunity might develop it more frequently. Symptoms of bronchitis are very similar with those of flu. The infection of the bronchial tubes results in production of mucus which has to be expelled. Couching is probably the most common and bothering symptom of bronchitis. It occurs in bronchitis of all types and sometimes it might be accompanied by wheezing and difficulty in breathing. Home remedies for bronchitis can ameliorate the symptoms and make the sufferer feel better and get rid of the infection sooner.

Home remedies for bronchitis should have expectorant properties in order to help eliminate the existing mucus and to prevent new one from forming. Onion has such properties and a teaspoon of raw onion juice taken on an empty stomach in the morning can do wonders for bronchitis sufferers.

Turmeric is one of the widely used home remedies for bronchitis. Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of milk and taken three times a day is an effective cure for bronchitis. It would be best that the first time you are having it to be on an empty stomach.

Ginger has many curative properties and it is used in numerous medical conditions. It is also one of the most effective home remedies for bronchitis. Ginger powder can be combined with pepper and cloves, in equal amounts. The resulted mixture can either be made tea or added to some honey and consumed as it is. This remedy has immunity boosting properties and it is helpful both in acute and chronic bronchitis.

Humidifiers can be excellent home remedies for bronchitis. Few people realize that they can sooth the symptoms and get sufferers rid of the coughing without the need for other remedies. They can be used for several hours daily in the room where the patient is. Cool humidifiers are just as effective as warm humidifiers.

Epson salt baths are effective home remedies for bronchitis and they can ensure sleeping without problems in people with this illness. Taking such a bath before going to sleep will cleanse the airways and prevent coughing overnight, which is a very common problem. Put approximately 60 liters of water in the tub and then dissolve one kilo and a half of Epson salt. It would be advisable for the water to have 37.8 Celsius degrees. The bath should last approximately 20 minutes and then the sufferer should get to bed. In patients with chronic bronchitis, such a bath can be taken twice a week.

Spinach has expectorant properties and it is one of the good home remedies for bronchitis. The fresh leaves of spinach need to be boiled in water before consumed. Fifty grams of leaves are enough for 250 milliliter of water. A teaspoon of honey and a pinch of ammonium chloride will make the remedy even more effective.

Just like other home remedies for bronchitis, horseradish can also cleanse the airways and help expelling the phlegm. Make an infusion of horseradish root which has been previously grinded. Leave it for five minutes and then have it. Consume this infusion three times every day until the illness goes away.

Home remedies for bronchitis also include some herbs which have been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for curing diseases of the respiratory tract. Holy basil and licorice are particularly effective in bronchitis. Chicory is also an herb with expectorant properties. Its dried root should be grinded to powder and half a teaspoon of this powder combined with a teaspoon of honey should be taken three times daily.

Immunity plays a very important part in bronchitis. In the acute form of the disease, orange juice can be considered one of the effective home remedies for bronchitis. Combined with water, it is best to be consumed in large quantities as soon as the first symptoms start. The vitamin C it contains increases the immunity and might reduce the severity of the attack.

In patients with bronchitis, an all-fruit diet is recommended for a period of five to seven days. Three meals daily should consist of fruit and fruit juices only. Afterwards, the diet should remain healthy in order for the body to have the necessary nutrients to recover. In what concerns drinks, it is best to stick to plain water or lemon water because they can flush away toxins. Home remedies for bronchitis can be combined with light physical exercise practiced outdoor. Fresh air is very important for the patients, so they should stay in a well aired room and go out at least once a day. Even a thirty minute walk in fresh air would be beneficial.

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