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Home Remedies for Bursitis, Natural Treatments

Bursa is a component part of almost any joint in the human body. It is actually a sac filled with fluid which makes the connection between the bones and the tendons smoother. It prevents friction in the joint and it protects it. When the bursa gets inflamed or irritated, bursitis occurs. This condition usually affects larger joints like those located in the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow. Bursitis affects the mobility of the joint and it is a very disturbing medical condition. It is aggravated by simple moving of the joints and activities once considered normal might become impossible to perform. Bursitis is often mistaken by other conditions affecting the joint like arthritis or gout. In order to treat it correctly, it needs to be diagnosed with accuracy and only a doctor can do that. Once diagnosed, treatment is not very complicated. Home remedies for bursitis can provide relief from this condition and can reduce the intensity of the inflammation.

Bursitis can be caused by a variety of factors. Degenerative joint diseases like arthritis or gout can be the cause of bursitis. Growing older might make people predisposed to this illness because, in time, the bursa might weaken. Injuries are also among common causes of bursitis, as well as exertion of the joints by heavy lifting or over exercising. The causes and the symptoms of bursitis might vary depending on where the irritation or the inflammation is located. Symptoms usually include pain and loss of mobility. Even simple movements like picking something up from the floor or holding a baby might become veritable ordeals. Usually the pain intensifies when the joint is used and stiffness might also occur. In some cases, like shoulder bursitis, the pain might be more severe during the night. Home remedies for bursitis usually work regardless where the illness is located. Besides these, physiotherapy might also be recommended in order to help the joint recover.

Massage is one of the most effective home remedies for bursitis. However, it shouldn't be practiced without any oil and it also should be practiced correctly, in order not to harm the joint. Warm olive oil is great for massaging joints affected by bursitis because it contains nutrients which promote healing of the joint.

Other oils are also great home remedies for bursitis. Emu oil for instance is rich in linolenic acid. This substance is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and, when applied on the skin, it goes into the joint and reduces the pain provoked by the inflammation. The oil needs to be used with regularity in order for bursitis to go away.

Castor oil applied on the painful area works as one of the effective home remedies for bursitis. Once the entire painful area is covered in castor oil, it should also be covered in a cotton cloth in order to keep it warm. Some people choose to put a heating pad on the affected joint because the extra warmth makes them feel better.

Another one of the home remedies for bursitis which can be applied topically is sandalwood paste. It can be made at home from sandalwood powder and water. A teaspoon of powder is usually enough for applying on the joint once.

There are also home remedies for bursitis which have to be consumed and not applied locally. Drinking sea water daily has proven to be beneficial for people affected by bursitis. Fortunately, sea water can be found in stores. However, it is a remedy that should not be used by people suffering of high blood pressure.

Other home remedies for bursitis come from the ayurvedic medicine and have been used with success for centuries. Most of the ayurvedic remedies are also oils which can be used for massage: tea tree oil (with strong anti-inflammatory properties), neem oil, eucalyptus oil or sesame oil.

Ginger is good in treating bursitis. It is one of the home remedies for bursitis which can either be used locally or internally. Consumption of ginger on a daily basis seems to have beneficial effects on people with bursitis. A poultice made of ginger can also be applied directly on the painful joint and it sooths the symptoms.

Comfrey tea or mullein tea has approximately the same effect as the other home remedies for bursitis mentioned above. A cloth soaked in comfrey or mullein tea and applied locally several times will reduce inflammation and will help the patient regain mobility.

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in a large number of medical conditions and bursitis seems to be one of them. Apple cider vinegar mixed with cayenne pepper and boiled is one of the best home remedies for bursitis. A cloth soaked in this mixture should be kept on the joint. Apple cider vinegar is also good to be consumed mixed with honey and water.

Along with home remedies for bursitis, nutritious foods can also help the patients recover faster. The health of the joints is enhanced by certain vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium and vitamin B12. Foods containing these substances (for example green leafy vegetables) are great to be included in the daily diet of someone suffering of bursitis. Lack of calcium and vitamin B12 can be considered responsible for the occurrence of the inflammation and also for a long recovery time.

It is important for people who develop bursitis to understand the need for rest. The joint needs to rest properly in order to heal. Even simple movements can cause harm. Light exercise might indeed be combined with home remedies for bursitis, but this should only be practiced if it was recommended by a doctor. While resting the joint, ice packs or alternative cold and hot packs can be applied in order to obtain relief from the pain. Ice packs are known for their ability to reduce stiffness and inflammation, but heat and cold therapy might provide better results in some people. After all, home remedies in general can act differently from person to person and each individual has to find the ones that work for him or her.

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