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Home Remedies for Cholera, Natural Treatments

Cholera is a disease that most people have only heard about in movies or books. Since it is infectious and highly contagious, the threat of cholera pandemics is always in the attention of the medical community. The last pandemic hit in the beginning of the 19th century and took millions of lives. However, medicine has evolved ever since and now the disease is rare and kept under control. Cholera is no longer life threatening, but it requires immediate medical assistance. Home remedies for cholera exist, but they shouldn't replace adequate treatment prescribed by a doctor. They can be used for alleviating the symptoms and for making the sufferer feel better. Cholera is caused by a bacterium which enters the body from contaminated food or water. It primarily affects the digestive system. The symptoms become noticeable in approximately five days before the bacterium reaches the body. Food cooked in unhygienic conditions and water from unsecure sources is high risk factors for developing cholera. Drinking water is unfortunately a high problem in many areas of the world. People in areas where natural disasters like floods or earthquakes took place are at risk for developing cholera.

Nowadays cholera mainly affects children under the age of five. However, this does not mean that other age groups are completely risk free. The potential threat that cholera represents for one's health and even life should not be ignored. No one should rely solely on home remedies for cholera, although their help when combined with prescribed treatment can't be denied. The main symptom of cholera is watery diarrhea. This can quickly lead to dehydration combined with excessive thirst and low urine output. People suffering of cholera also complain of dry mouth and mucous membranes, muscle cramps, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. Sufferers usually feel exhausted and are very irritable. Cholera is nothing to take easily. Even now, in modern times, the rate of mortality in undeveloped countries is very high. Treatment usually includes antibiotics and needs to be administered as soon as the first symptoms appear. Diarrhea can lead to dehydration very fast and this can be even fatal.

The first measure taken in cases of cholera is to ensure the fact that the patient is correctly hydrated. Sometimes simply drinking water is not enough. The human body of those suffering of cholera can produce more than 10 liters of watery diarrhea in a day. Not only fluids, but electrolytes also are lost from the sufferer's body. In order to ensure re-hydration, a mixture of water, sugar and salt is given to the patient. This can be prepared at home ore bought from specialized stores and it should be among the first home remedies for cholera that one uses. Severe cases of dehydration might require intravenous replacement of fluids.

Coconut water and cucumber juice are also among the home remedies for cholera which can prevent dehydration. A mixture of these two liquids can be consumed daily because it will keep the body from dehydrating and it will also remove the excessive thirst of the sufferer. However, people must keep in mind that in case complications occur, they need to go to the hospital in order to be re-hydrated faster.

Lemon is believed to be capable of killing the harmful bacteria in the intestines and to speed up the healing. Lemon juice is among the most popular home remedies for cholera. It is best to be consumed mixed with some salt or sugar, for the same reasons mentioned above.

There are also home remedies for cholera which deal with other symptoms besides dehydration. For instance, consuming a decoction made of root bark of the guava tree is very effective in eliminating the nausea and the vomiting that the patient might experience.

One of the good home remedies for cholera is made of black pepper and onion. The two ingredients should be grind and mixed in order to be effective. The mixture will put an end to the excessive thirst and will also reduce restlessness in patients. Onion can also be mixed with bitter gourd juice. Two teaspoons of onion juice and bitter gourd juice should be mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice.

An infusion made of half a nutmeg and a liter of water can also provide relief from the symptoms. It is best to be mixed with one of the home remedies for cholera mentioned above, coconut water. Since large quantities of fluids might cause vomiting, it is best not to have more than 15 milliliters at once.

Some herbal teas make excellent home remedies for cholera. Having a decoction made of basil leaves is going to ameliorate the symptoms. A few leaves are enough for a glass of water which needs to be consumed on a daily basis. Black tea is also effective and for making it even better, patients can add ginger, basil and mint to it. A cup of black tea daily can provide some help.

Patients with cholera should pay great attention to what they eat. Their diet is probably one of the most important home remedies they can use. In the first days, when symptoms are the most severe, patients are not allowed to eat uncooked or solid foods. Hydration is the number one priority. Only when the diarrhea is not watery anymore they can introduce buttermilk to their diet and they can also have some boiled brown rice. Even after the disease is cured, the diet remains restrictive and based on healthy and nutritious foods.

Prevention of cholera is very important because it is far more difficult to treat it than to stay away from it. Developing countries are very preoccupied about avoiding cholera epidemics. Those who travel in countries where this risk exists should be very careful because they might not have access to adequate treatment or home remedies for cholera. They should only drink treated and bottled water and they should pay attention to what they eat. Uncooked foods or fruits and vegetables which haven't been washed are totally forbidden. Cholera vaccines exist and, even though they are controversial, they are a good idea for those travelling in areas with great risk. Vaccines are usually effective for approximately two years.

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