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Home Remedies for Colitis, Natural Treatments

Colitis is the name given to the inflammation of the colon. It is very often mistaken with the irritable bowel syndrome. In fact, colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease and it falls in the category of auto-immune digestive disorders. There are several types of colitis which differentiate in what concerns causes and symptoms. The most common one is ulcerative colitis. This means that the inner lining of the colon is inflamed and the sufferer experiences significant pains. Ulcerative colitis can aggravate and even jeopardize one's health if it is not treated adequately. Other types of colitis are pseudo membranous colitis, ischemic colitis and collagenous colitis. The first one is caused by excessive usage of antibiotics which destroy the intestinal flora and cause irritation of the colon. Ischemic colitis is a result of an injury and it is characterized by bloody and frequent stools. It can damage the colon irreversibly if nothing is done about it. Collagenous colitis refers to an inflammation of the colon which results in chronic diarrhea, not accompanied by blood. Depending on the severity of the condition, colitis might be treated with home remedies for colitis or might require adequate medical assistance.

Most colitis cases occur in patients which suffer of chronic constipation. They use lots of purgatives and these cause an irritation of the colon. In other cases certain foods like carbohydrates and cereals irritate the colon because they can't be digested properly. Stress is a significant risk factor which might determine occurrence of colitis, as well as antibiotics which destroy the balance of the intestinal flora. Home remedies for colitis might provide relief from the symptoms. These include increased bowel movements, persistent diarrhea and bloody stools. They might be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, bloating and abdominal cramps. Patients suffering of colitis often lose their appetite and can't assimilate nutrients in the food, so they become underweight and anemic.

Rice is one of the home remedies for colitis which has the ability to calm down the irritated colon because of its reduced amount of fibers. Make gruel of rice and buttermilk. You can also add a mashed banana. This mixture can be consumed two times every day until the irritation of the colon disappears completely.

In fact, even buttermilk in itself is one of the effective home remedies for colitis. When you have no possibility of making the above mentioned mixture, consume plain buttermilk. It is not rich in fat because this was eliminated in the production process and it has the ability to restore the natural balance of the intestinal flora.

One of the home remedies for colitis which is especially recommended in ulcerative colitis is ripe bananas. These are easily processed by the digestive system and have a soothing effect on the colon. Bananas are also light laxatives so they make bowel movements easier. A quantity of one or two bananas daily is enough for feeling better.

Drumstick and honey make excellent home remedies for colitis especially when they are combined. Make fresh juice from drumstick leaves and have one teaspoon daily, mixed with the equal quantity of honey. Have this remedy two or even three times a day.

Fruit or vegetable juices are one of the best home remedies for colitis. In fact, people diagnosed with this condition are advised to go on juice fasting for several days in order to cleanse their digestive system and to give the colon a chance to become less irritated. The most effective juices are those made of carrots, cabbage or papaya. Papaya juice can also be mixed with a small amount of garlic or peppermint in order to increase its effectiveness. In what concerns cabbage, this can be either consumed as a juice or as it is.

Apples are very good home remedies for colitis because they are very rich in iron and phosphorus. These two elements have healing properties and make ulcerative lesion on the colon disappear faster. The best way to have apples is to steam them at first.

Warm water enema and enema made with juice of wheat grass are considered helpful home remedies for colitis. Warm water enema is best to be done every day for several days, as soon as the first symptoms appear. It should be associated with the juice fasting mentioned above for best results in what concerns cleansing the digestive system. Wheat grass can be either made at home or bought from health stores. Enema should be given using approximately 100 milliliters of wheat grass juice.

Among all home remedies for colitis, diet is probably the most powerful one. Unless strict dietary rules are followed, the patient's condition can worsen significantly. Even after the sufferer goes out of juice fasting, he or she must pay great attention to the foods. It is best to only have steamed vegetables, rice and homemade cottage cheese for the first days. Bananas, papayas and yogurt are also allowed, but other raw fruits and vegetables can only be added after ten days. It is important to eat correctly, without hurrying because not chewing the food properly might make the digestive process more complicated for the body. All foods that are hard to digest or that have the potential to irritate the colon should be completely avoided. Foods rich in proteins are good because they make the walls of the intestines stronger. On the other hand, sugary foods, products made of white wheat, fatty or oily foods should not be included in the diet of a colitis sufferer. It is naturally understood that spicy foods or foods containing high quantities of salt and other seasonings can irritate the colon, so they shouldn't be eaten. Alcohol and coffee, as well as black tea also have this potential. In order to avoid possible harmful bacteria in water, patients should only have water which was previously boiled because this kills unwanted elements in it. Vitamin A, B, E and K are very good for the colon, so supplements with these vitamins can also be considered as home remedies for colitis.

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