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Home Remedies for Cystitis, Natural Treatments

Cystitis is an infection of the bladder. It is not a life-threatening condition, but it needs to be addressed immediately, first of all because it has hard to cope with symptoms and secondly because it might result in serious complications if it is ignored. Cystitis is caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract. In an overwhelming majority of the case, the responsible bacterium is E-coli. This condition, as well as other infections of the urinary tract, is more common in women because the urethra is closer to genital organs and anus. However, cystitis can also affect men. If in women it can be taken more lightly because there can be numerous causes for it, cystitis in men should be treated with maximum of seriousness because it can be a sign of an underlying condition of the prostate. This does not mean that women should ignore cystitis. Left untreated, the infection can progress and affect even the kidneys. Home remedies for cystitis can be very effective, especially if they are administered from the first symptoms, when the infection is not yet severe. Especially sexually active women can experience cystitis very often because bacteria can migrate from the genital area to the urinary tract. Bacteria from feces can also migrate and cause this condition.

Symptoms of cystitis are very disturbing, but home remedies for cystitis play an important part in alleviating them. The first symptom is increased urge to urinate. This is usually painful and accompanied by a burning sensation which is terribly unpleasant. Urge to urinate might be felt just immediately after going to the bathroom. However, even if it is painful, sufferers should urinate as often as they have to because keeping the urine in the bladder for long enables bacteria to multiply. Urine in patients with cystitis might have a strange smell and color and, in some cases, might also contain small quantities of blood. Cystitis can also cause fever and pain in the abdominal area. This condition is frequent in people who suffer of chronic constipation, in patients who have kidney stones or in men with an enlarged prostate.

Although it might seem weird, water in itself is one of the best home remedies for cystitis. Sufferers should have at least eight glasses of plain water every day because this flushes away harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. In the absence of an adequate quantity of fluids, bacteria stick on the walls of the bladder and have time to multiply. This also happens when urine is not passed for long, so people who don't go to the bathroom when they feel the urge might develop cystitis or aggravate and exiting one.

Cranberry juice is probably one of the most popular and widely used home remedies for cystitis. Cranberries contain substances which kill bacteria in the bladder because they make urine more acid and acidic environment does not allow bacteria to survive. Cranberry juice should be consumed daily, without any sugar added. Those who can't find juice can also have capsules and lots of water.

Vegetable juices are effective home remedies for cystitis. They also increase the liquid intake, besides the fact that they have healing properties. Spinach juice mixed in equal proportions with tender coconut water is very good. Carrot juice is also recommended. It should be diluted with the same quantity of water and sufferers should have a glass every couple of hours.

Generally speaking, home remedies for cystitis should have a diuretic effect and also anti-bacterial properties. An infusion made of one teaspoon of dandelion, one teaspoon of birch leaves and one teaspoon of hydrangea is excellent because it does the exact things mentioned above.

For people who also have blood in the urine, goldenseal is one of the best home remedies for cystitis they can try. Its anti-bacterial properties are combined with anti-septic ones, so it prevents the spreading of the infection.

Cucumber juice is known for its diuretic effect. A glass of this juice mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey is one of the easiest to prepare home remedies for cystitis. The recommended dosage is of two glasses a day, but the cure is best to last for two weeks, even if the symptoms have subsided.

Drumstick flowers are among the home remedies for cystitis which has been used for a long while. Juice made of drumstick flowers should be mixed with the same ingredients as cucumber juice and three glasses should be consumed daily.

Herbs are excellent home remedies for cystitis. Patients should make a tea of marshmallow root, nettle, dandelion and juniper berries. Three teaspoons of the first two ingredients and two teaspoons of the other two are enough for four cups of water. The resulted quantity should be consumed in a day.

One of the easiest to use home remedies for cystitis is lemon. Only add a tablespoon of lemon juice in 200 milliliters of boiled water. This water should be consumed every two hours, starting in the morning and having 50 milliliters at once.

Cystitis symptoms usually disappear in a couple of days if home remedies are used from the first moment. Fluid intake is of uttermost importance because no remedy, as powerful as it might be, works if the sufferer does not have enough fluids. Just as the condition onsets, all solid foods should be eliminated from the diet. The patents should only have fluids and vegetable juice and then gradually introduce fresh fruits in the diet. Only after several days he or she can move towards a balanced diet. Hot pelvic baths and hot compresses applied on the abdomen can make the pain more bearable. People with cystitis should go on bed rest and should make sure they stay warm at all times. A warm towel should be placed on the abdomen and covered with another towel to maintain the warmth. After the initial stages of cystitis, cold compresses can also be used in order to reduce congestion. However, they should not be used while the sufferer is feverish and they should be stopped in case of chills.

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