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Home Remedies for Depression, Natural Treatments

Depression is an emotional condition that can affect basically everybody, regardless age, gender or ethnicity. It is very difficult to cope with and it can be associated with other physical or psychological ailments, which makes things even worse. Unfortunately, depression is very common nowadays mostly because certain factors of the modern life can cause it. It is usually diagnosed when primary medical care is offered to a person and it can be treated with therapy and anti depressants. Because these often have unpleasant side effects which can significantly change one's life, many people turn to home remedies for depression in order to regain their mental health. Depression is usually characterized by feelings of intense and sometimes inexplicable sadness. People affected by this condition lose their interest in all activities and even in those who they love. Sadness can be accompanied by feelings of guilt, low energy levels, apathy and a sense of loss. Depressive people are often irritable and restless and they might also develop insomnia. Some choose not to eat almost at all while others find relief in food, so weight problems might also occur. All in all, depression severely interferes with one's normal life and affects not only the sufferer, but also the ones around him or her.

Depression is not very easy to combat because the one affected by it needs to have strong will power and to accept treatment or home remedies for depression. Prolonged periods of anxiety can lead to depression, as well as increased levels of stress. People who have stressful jobs, financial problems or personal problems are sure candidates to depression. Unpleasant events in someone's life like losing someone dear, experiencing a failure or being the victim of abuse can also contribute or trigger depressive states. In some cases, depression can also have physical causes. In some people it is genetic, while in others it might be the result of hormonal imbalances or improper nourishment. It is very important for sufferers to understand that they have a problem which needs to be addressed because untreated depression can even cause suicidal attempts.

Home remedies for depression are definitely safer than anti depressant. Pills can have unwanted side effects which might alter the behavior and the personality of the one using it. Infusion made of rose petals is very good in people who develop depression. 15 grams of petals are enough for 200 milliliters of boiling water. The infusion can be sweetened and consumed a few times daily, replacing other beverages like sodas, coffee or tea.

Apples are one of the easiest to use home remedies for depression. The various nutrients they contain can have a positive effect on one's state of mind and help maintain the health of the nervous system. Apples are even more effective if they are eaten together with some honey and milk. There are no restrictions concerning this remedy and sufferers can consume as much as they want.

Various herbs are considered excellent and easy to use home remedies for depression. Lemon balm is one of them because it has the ability to calm someone down and to improve his or hers mood. Lemon balm infusion relieves fatigue and makes people feel more serene. Thirty grams of lemon balm have to be left over night in half a liter of water. The next day, the strained water needs to be consumed throughout the day.

Another herb which is considered to be among the effective home remedies for depression is licorice. Tea made of this herb is a good weapon against feelings of depression. The recommended dosage which shouldn't be exceeded is of three cups every day.

Even from ancient times people have used St. John's Wort as one of the most powerful home remedies for depression. This has a soothing effect over the nervous system and mild sedative properties. It reduces irritability and restlessness and it allows the sufferer to get some sleep in period of insomnia. This herb can be taken in any form: tea, capsules, syrups, etc.

Those who feel that they don't have the time for preparing or consuming various healing teas can benefit of one of the simples home remedies for depression: asparagus root. Once a day, one or two grams of powdered asparagus root can be taken in order to improve the emotional condition. It doesn't require any time or any preparation, so even the busiest people can use it.

What people eat can have a great impact on how they feel. Foods can turn into effective home remedies for depression. For instance, lack of vitamin B and magnesium can easily determine or aggravate depression, so foods rich in those elements should be taken daily. Vitamin C also has strong anti-depressant properties. This can be found in numerous fruits, especially citruses. A glass of orange juice consumed daily not only fights depression but also helps the overall health condition. The bottom line is that people affected by depression should have a well balanced and healthy diet that will help them overcome their condition. They should have three meals daily and they should avoid foods that are not healthy because such foods add to the stress their bodies are subjected to. Refined sugars, fats and spices should be eliminated, as well as foods or drinks which stimulate the nervous system. Depressive people should not have coffee, black tea, chocolate, sweets in excessive quantities, alcohol, etc.

Along with a healthy diet and home remedies for depression, sufferers can also put in practice some valuable tips to fight this condition. They should indulge in activities they love and they should relax as much as possible. Getting enough hours of sleep is essential because it lightens the stress and it enables people to think clearly. Some have found relief in meditation or relaxation techniques or in yoga. Physical activity, especially practiced in open air is extremely beneficial because it helps the body produce the hormones it needs to be happy. It is important not to let negative feelings become overwhelming and to try to stay distracted and involved in pleasant activities.

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