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Home Remedies for Earache, Natural Treatments

Earache is a pretty common medical condition. It mostly affects children, but it can occur often in adults, also. The most common cause is accumulation of fluid in the inner ear or pressure in that area. This often leads to infection and this provokes pain which can range from mild to extremely severe. The Eustachian tube which connects the ear with the nose can get blocked and this creates the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to develop. Adjacent infection like sinusitis or tonsillitis can also cause earache. In adults, wax buildups can also allow harmful bacteria to multiply and to lead to a painful infection. Improper usage of cotton swabs can push the wax in the Eustachian tube instead of taking it out. Fluid might also reach the inner ear when swimming or bathing. A cold or an allergy might cause infection in the nose or in the throat which can migrate to the ear and determine earache. This is often the case in children. Generally speaking, the ear is a very sensitive organ and special attention is needed in order to avoid infections. Pain in the ear can be treated with home remedies for earache, but if the condition does not ameliorate or gets worse, it is advisable to go to a doctor because it can eventually lead to hear loss.

Earache in babies is hard to identify because they can't tell what's wrong. Babies affected by earache often cry, frequently touch their ears with the hands and are extremely irritable. They might also be feverish and experience digestive problems. Symptoms are similar in adults also. In both adults and children earache can be determined by being exposed to strong wind which can transport bacteria in the ear. Pressure changes which often occur when taking a flight can also cause earache. Fortunately some home remedies for earache can also be used in children in order to provide relief from the pain. Symptoms need to be observed carefully in order to notice if they get worse. In case they do, medical assistance is needed because otherwise the infection can affect other organs also. It is important not to irritate the ear canal with cotton swabs and to take great care for water or cosmetic products like soaps or shampoos not to enter the inner ear. In some cases, exposure to loud noises can also provoke earache. However, while suffering of this condition, noise level should be carefully monitored.

The first worry of those suffering of earache is to make the pain subside. One of the home remedies for earache which can do that is a warm and moist compress. A towel soaked in warm water and applied on the era will make sufferer feel better. Make sure that it is not too hot.

Home remedies for earache should have antibacterial properties in order to kill the infection and to prevent it from spreading. Garlic is known for its ability to fight bacteria. You can either crush some garlic cloves and put a drop of garlic juice in the painful area or you can choose to use the garlic externally. If you decide to do so, boil several garlic cloves in water and then mash them with a pinch of salt. The resulted poultice should be put in a clean cloth and kept on the ear which is affected by the infection.

Olive oil is another one of the home remedies for earache. Warm a few drops of olive oil and put them in your ear. Make sure that it has cooled down before you do this.

If you don't like putting stuff in your ears, you can go for one of the home remedies for earache which does not require this. Make a mixture of lavender oil, tea tree oil and chamomile oil and massage the inner part of your ear with it. These oils have mild sedative properties and also anti bacterial ones. If you like, you can soak a piece of cotton in the mixture and introduce it in your ear. Other oils which might be helpful include garlic oil, eucalyptus oil and mustard oil.

One of the home remedies for earache which will provide immediate relief from the pain is onion juice. Simple take a few drops and put them in the ear which is painful.

Radish and mustard oil used together make excellent remedies for earache. Fry tiny radish pieces in mustard oil and then only keep the oil. Put it in a small container in order to have it in the house. Whenever the earache hits, use a few drops to put them in the ear. You will save valuable time because your remedy will be already prepared.

Mustard oil can also be used with another of the proven home remedies for earache: fenugreek seeds. Put the seeds in the oil and warm the mixture. Filter the oil and make sure it has a tolerable temperature before putting it in your ear.

If you have fresh holy basil leaves at your disposal, you can extract their juice and use it as one of the best home remedies for earache. Two drops inside the ear are enough for making you feel better.

Tender leaves of mango can be used in the same way. These are also effective home remedies for earache. This time put three or four drops in the ear which is causing you problems.

It might seem that there is no connection between what you eat and earache. However, foods rich in vitamin C or supplements with this vitamin are valuable home remedies for earache. This vitamin boosts the immune system and helps the body fight the infection faster.

There are some preventive measures that are best to be respected by sufferers first of all, but also by everybody who wants to stay away from earache. Avoid water getting into your ear and don’t swim in places where water might be contaminated or dirty. Don't go outside on windy weather without covering your ears and also avoid pricking your ears with your finger.

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