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Home Remedies for Flatulence, Natural Treatments

Flatulence is not actually a medical condition and it doesn't require adequate treatment. The term refers to accumulation of gas in the intestines which is eliminated through the anus. This happens to all people and it is a natural part of the digestive system. Flatulence can become bothering when it becomes excessive and when it is accompanied by a foul odor. This can cause terrible social embarrassing. Sometimes flatulence can also be accompanied by bloating or pain in the lower abdomen. People who are disturbed by excessive flatulence or those who want to avoid unpleasant situations often look for home remedies for flatulence. However people need to understand that this process can't be stopped entirely as it is natural in the human body. Whenever we eat or drink something, small amounts of air reach our digestive system and gas accumulation occurs. This gas needs to be eliminated and in most of the cases this happens without any noise or smell to be felt. However, when the gas is produced by foods that start to decompose in the digestive system, the foul odor is present.

Even though flatulence is a natural biological process, when it becomes excessive it can hide an underlying digestive problem. In most of the cases it is nothing severe and home remedies for flatulence can solve the problem without too much trouble. People who suffer of chronic constipation often also experience flatulence. Consuming certain foods might increase the amount of gas produced in the intestines as well as eating very fast or without a proper timing. A diet rich in fats or food prepared in unhygienic conditions are also possible causes of flatulence. People suffering of excessive flatulence should monitor what they eat in order to determine which foods are likely to trigger the condition.

Peppermint is one of the most easy to use home remedies for flatulence. If you chew peppermint right after you finish eating, you will refresh your breath and you will also prevent gas accumulation in the digestive system. Peppermint also relaxes the digestive muscles and helps people avoid bloating which often accompanies flatulence.

Ginger can also be one of the effective home remedies for flatulence. You can either chew some ginger after you finish eating or you can soak the ginger slices in lemon juice before chewing them.

Ginger can also be used together with other home remedies for flatulence like asafetida. Mix some ginger powder with asafetida and some rock salt and have this mixture in order to avoid the embarrassing problem of flatulence. Besides asafetida, ginger can also be used together with pepper and cardamom seeds. A teaspoon of each ingredient should be combined. Afterwards, half a teaspoon of this mixture should be added to a glass of water. The remedy should be consumed one hour after you have eaten.

One of the home remedies for flatulence which does not have to be taken after meals implies adding two teaspoons of brandy to a glass of water. Have this remedy before your go to bed each night and it will help your digestive system function better. It would be even best to use lukewarm water instead of cold water.

Peppermint is not only one of the effective home remedies for flatulence when chewed, but also in form of tea. Peppermint tea is very good in relieving excessive flatulence. Other teas, like spearmint tea, caraway tea and anise tea are just as effective. The key is to consume them regularly in order to prevent the formation of gas inside the digestive tract.

Dill oil is another one of the home remedies for flatulence which is best to be used immediately after you have had a meal. Put a few drops of dill oil on some honey and take the mixture as you finish eating.

Foods are probably the most effective home remedies for flatulence. Since gas is going to form in the intestines no matter what we do, the safest thing would be to avoid the foods which cause even more gas. Some foods are more likely than other to decompose in the intestines and to form gases which release an odor when eliminated. Unfortunately, among these foods there are numerous healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not advisable to take them out of the diet completely, but they are best to be consumed when you are not in social situations. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and beans are the most common foods which cause excessive flatulence. Foods rich in fats can also be included in this category. There is no general rule, however, because foods which cause flatulence in some people might be completely inoffensive for others. It is recommended to keep track of what you eat and to figure out which foods are best to be avoided. Carbonated drinks are main culprits in most of the people. On the other hand, rice, citruses, meats, eggs, yogurt and grapes can be consumed without fearing the embarrassing flatulence.

Besides home remedies for flatulence, there are also other advices that you can use for keeping this problem away from you. What you eat is very important, but how you can eat can make a world of difference. Eating very fast can cause more air to enter the digestive system. It is best to have clearly established hours when you eat and to respect them. You should eat without hurrying, sitting down and chewing the food properly. Instead of eating large amounts of foods at once, have smaller and more frequent meals because this will help your digestive system process foods better and easier. Regular physical activity can also improve digestion. Having a walk right after the main meals can help you avoid flatulence. Drinking water while eating or soon after finishing a meal is not at all recommended. Flatulence is definitely a problem that can be kept under control with the help of home remedies for flatulence. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that not passing gas at all is impossible.

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