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Home Remedies for Goitre, Natural Treatments

Goitre is a medical condition affecting the thyroid gland. It determines an increase in the size of this gland. The size can vary from individual to individual and the larger the thyroid becomes, the more severe the condition is. If it is mild and the enlargement of the gland is not very big, home remedies for goitre might be enough to solve the problem. The symptoms are not very discomforting in mild cases. However, if the thyroid gets significantly bigger, symptoms might become very bothering and home remedies might need to be associated with conventional treatment methods. Goitre similarly affects all categories of people. However, it seems to be more likely in older people over 50 years old. Generally speaking, women are more affected by thyroid problems, including goitre, than men. Medical specialists have also noticed that those who have relatives suffering of autoimmune diseases have higher chances of developing goitre. This condition can be of numerous types. The two main ones are known as nodular goitre and diffuse goitre.

One of the most common causes leading to goitre is lack of iodine in the body. People living at high altitudes or inland are more likely to absorb iodine more difficult. In this case, their thyroid gland is subjected to greater effort and might get enlarged. Inflammation of the thyroid, also knows as thyroditis is among the causes of goitre. Grave's disease and Hoshimoto's disease and prescribed pills can have goitre among their side effects. In some rare cases, the enlargement of the thyroid can be a sign of cancer. As mentioned above, symptoms range in severity depending on the size the thyroid has after the disease onsets. The most common symptoms include tightness of throat and neck, coughing, difficulty in breathing, discomfort when eating or speaking, wheezing. In some people, a visible bump on the neck might appear. The symptom list might also include hoarseness, change of voice, weight problems and even mood swings. In small goitre, no symptom might occur. It is very easy to mistake goitre with some other throat conditions, so, when in doubt, check with your doctor. While the symptoms are not yet severe, home remedies for goitre can work wonders.

Since poor absorption of iodine is among the most common causes of goitre, it makes sense that foods which are rich in iodine are among the most effective home remedies for goitre. Common salt has a significant content of iodine, but increasing salt intake might not be the best thing to do because it might trigger other problems. Iodine is also found in turnips, carrots and garlic.

Vitamin supplements can also be recommended as home remedies for goitre. Certain vitamins are strongly connected with the thyroid's capacity of absorbing iodine. These are vitamin A and vitamin B. The consumption of foods rich in these vitamins should be increased or supplements can be considered for achieving the necessary quantity for the well functioning of the thyroid.
Dandelion leaves are the most popular home remedies for goitre. They should be applied externally, on the swollen area, but only after they have been slightly warmed in refined butter. Put them on the skin while they are still warm, but make sure you don't get burned. Do this for at least two weeks daily and you will notice improvements in the condition of the thyroid.

Watercress is also among the widely used home remedies for goitre. Make a paste of watercress and use it for applying it topically. Keep it on the affected area for several minutes.
Herbs which can be considered great home remedies for goitre include flex. Both the seeds and the leaves can be used in this condition. First put the seeds in some warmed water and then apply the result on the swollen area. Over them, place the flex leaves and secure them in place with a bandage or a scarf.

Sorrel leaves are good home remedies for goitre. They should be turned into a paste and mixed with a small amount of olive oil. The mixture should be applied on the neck for controlling the thyroid.

Most of the home remedies for goitre mentioned so far have to be used externally. Diet on the other hand can play a very important part in normalizing thyroidal activity. The best thing that those diagnosed with goitre can do is to go on juice fasting for two or three days. Afterwards, they can get back to a balanced diet. There are foods which are highly recommended for people who have thyroid problems. First of all, there are the iron rich foods (whole rice, lettuce, garlic, oats, tomatoes, carrots, seafood, onions, eggs, citruses) and then the foods rich in vitamins. Sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables, liver, mangoes, papayas, peaches, apricots, peas, milk, red and cayenne peppers for instance have lots of vitamin A, while dairy products, cereals, grains, tuna, salmon, grapes and avocadoes are rich in vitamin B. Normally, goitre is believed to last approximately two weeks. If symptoms do not subside in this period, even though you have used home remedies for goitre, it is time to seek a doctor's advice.

Besides home remedies for goitre and diet, some people have found relief in massage, reflex therapy or aromatherapy. Certain procedures from these techniques might stimulate the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. It is also believed that chlorine and fluorine have a negative impact on the thyroid gland and prevent it from normally absorbing iodine. People who are likely to develop goitre should stay away from chlorinated water and from toothpaste containing fluoride. Children who are breastfed are less likely to develop thyroid conditions, including goitre. Among the tips that can put in practice for the stimulation of the thyroid gland, there is also the habit of taking cold showers in the morning and in the night. Goitre is not necessarily a dangerous condition and as long as home remedies for goitre are used as soon as the first suspicions occur, there are high chances to be kept under control.

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