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Home Remedies for Halitosis, Natural Treatments

Halitosis is the medical term used for defining bad breath. This is definitely not a dangerous or life-threatening problem, but it needs to be addressed because it causes discomfort to others and it creates potentially embarrassing social situations. Halitosis can also interfere with one's personal life. Since the condition doesn't usually pose any threat to one's health, it is not advisable to cure it with pills. Most people turn to home remedies for halitosis in order to get rid of their problem. When it comes to a bad breath, everybody assumes that this is the result of poor oral hygiene. While this might be a very important cause of halitosis, there are also other factors which might have a negative impact on the breath. Sometimes halitosis is determined by an underling medical condition. In such cases, that condition needs to be cured in order to also get rid of the bad breath. Unfortunately, halitosis is pretty difficult to notice by the one affected by it. People who have a bad breath aren't aware of this, so their loved ones shouldn't hide this information from them.

Halitosis is often the result of a bacterial build-up in the mouth. Food, debris and poor dental hygiene can aggravate the problem. Normally, everyone has bacteria in the mouth, but when their number goes out of control, they might cause a foul odor. Halitosis can also be provoked by diseases of the gums or by decayed teeth. This is why it is pretty common in elderly people who have damaged teeth. Various infections of the throat, nose, respiratory tract, stomach or conditions like gingivitis or gastritis have halitosis on their list of symptoms. Usually the bad breath goes away once these illnesses are cured. There are also certain foods which can aggravate or even cause halitosis. These are usually foods rich in proteins like cheese or meat or pungent foods like onion and garlic. Smoking and consuming lots of coffee is enhancing a bad breath. All in all, halitosis might not always be a sign of poor hygiene. Some people simply can get rid of it, no matter how often they brush their teeth. In this case, home remedies for halitosis can be of a real help.

One of the simplest home remedies for halitosis is to chew some fresh mint leaves. This will refresh your breath instantly and it is also a remedy that can be put in practice almost wherever you are. Even if you don't feel your own bad breath, if you know you have a halitosis problem, chew mint after each meal.

Parsley is one of the home remedies for halitosis that can be used similarly with mint. It can also be combined with cloves in order to create another effective remedy. Put some chopped parsley leaves in two cups of boiling water and also put three cloves. Stir the mixture and use it for washing your mouth or for gargling on a regular basis. If you can't prepare this remedy, at least chew a clove after each meal.

Baking soda is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It is considered one of the most effective home remedies for halitosis because it normalizes the bacterial level in the mouth. Dissolve some baking soda in warm water and use it for gargling on a regular basis. It will kill harmful bacteria which cause the unpleasant odor.

Some herbal remedies used in traditional medicine seem to also be good in cases of halitosis. Fenugreek seeds are valuable home remedies for halitosis. Tea made of these seeds should be consumed daily in order to successfully fight bad breath.

Other seeds are also excellent home remedies for halitosis. For instance, chewing some sunflower seeds and having a glass of water after every meal will prevent the occurrence of foul smell. Cardamom seeds work as an instant breath freshener because they have that special sweet aroma. They can be used as a quick fix in situations in which there is no time for preparing other remedies.

Lemon has remarkable anti-bacterial properties and it can be used alone or together with other home remedies for halitosis for solving this problem. You can mix the juice of one lemon with a glass of water and use it for gargling. If it's easier for you, lemon juice combined with water can also be used for washing the mouth after eating.

Foods can be considered home remedies for halitosis in certain cases. A cure of six weeks with yogurt will cure halitosis for good. Yogurt contains live bacteria which normalize the bacterial activity in one's mouth and kills the ones that are harmful. Eating an apple a day will not only keep the doctor away, but will also remove bacteria from the teeth and gums and prevent bad breath.

People who suffer of halitosis should also watch what they eat. For instance, some foods like meat, fish, garlic, onion or cheese can cause a very bad breath which can't be eliminated with home remedies for halitosis. It is best to avoid such foods when you know that you will interact with other people. Dental hygiene is of uttermost importance. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and even more often, if possible. Dental floss or toothpicks are also important helpers in what concerns oral hygiene. Food leftovers can decay and cause an increase in the number of bacteria. This is why it is recommended to always make sure that there are no food particles left in your mouth after you have finished eating. Few people go to the doctor for halitosis and most of them solve it by using home remedies for halitosis. However, in case of decayed teeth or bleeding and painful gums, a visit to the dentist is required. It is important for people with halitosis to become aware of their problem. Since it's difficult to self-diagnose bad breath, ask someone who wouldn't lie to you to "evaluate" your breath. This will save you numerous embarrassing moments.

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