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Home Remedies for Osteoporosis, Natural Treatments

The problem of porous bones or bones which are prone to fracture is osteoporosis and this problem affects women more than men, home remedies for osteoporosis can not only alleviate the condition but work as excellent preventive remedies. In a person suffering with osteoporosis the bone mineral density is reduced 2.5 standard deviation or below than mean peak bone mass, as described by World Health Organization. It has been classified into three categories primary type 1 or primary type 2 and secondary osteoporosis. Primary type 1 osteoporosis occurs in women after menopause whereas primary type 2 occurs in the people above the age of 75 in men and women in the ratio of 2:1. Secondary osteoporosis affects men and women equally and can affect them at any age. Home remedies for osteoporosis are safe and effective treatments as well as work as are very good preventive remedies to avoid the problem and relieve the symptoms.

Osteoporosis occurs, when body fails to develop new bones or too much old bones are absorbed by the body or due to both the conditions. The causes of osteoporosis can be classified into two categories modifiable and non-modifiable causes. Amongst non-modifiable reasons age, female gender, estrogen deficiency particularly after menopause and in men lack of testosterone are non-modifiable reasons for osteoporosis. Chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, corticosteroid medications and vitamin D deficiency are most common causes of osteoporosis classified as modifiable causes of the problem. Amongst other factors too much alcohol intake, tobacco consumption, smoking, malnutrition, being underweight, high protein diet, exposure to heavy metals and too much soft drinks are not causes but increase risk of osteoporosis in men and women equally.

Home remedies for osteoporosis can alleviate the condition and also helps in recovering from ill-effects of non-modifiable causes and prevent the problem occurring due to modifiable causes and risk factors effectively. Osteoporosis remains asymptomatic till person experiences fractures due to reasons which may not cause harm to bones of a healthy person. Fractures usually occur in hip, vertebral column, ribs and wrist. Rise of sudden and acute pain due to fractures, stooped posture, bone pain, bone tenderness, loss of height, reduced mobility and shooting pain are other symptoms of osteoporosis. Home remedies for osteoporosis can check the progression of the problem and relieve the symptoms in effective and natural ways.

Almond milk is one of the most popular home remedies for osteoporosis. This remedy works as curative as well as preventive remedy. Take 10-12 pieces of almonds and soak them in water overnight. In the morning peel them off and grind them to form a paste. Take a teaspoon of clarified butter and heat it on a dry pan when butter is hot add the paste of almonds and fry them for a minutes or two, now add glass of milk to the mixture and let it boil for few minutes. Consume this milk once in a day when it is bearably hot. It is one of the most effective home remedies for osteoporosis.

Increased consumption of soy products is another very simple and one of the effective home remedies for osteoporosis particularly for post-menopausal women. Soy products supplement the body with estrogen which prevents formation of porous bones in the body. Drinking dandelion leaf tea few times in a day is also one of the effective home remedies for osteoporosis.

Herbs also provide few effective home remedies for osteoporosis. Dong qui extract has been used since ages in Chinese medication for effectively relieving the problem and preventing it. One should consume at least 250 mg of extract in a day for few moths to relieve and prevent the problem. Chaste berry extract is also a useful herb to cure and prevent osteoporosis, 250 mg for two to three months can strengthen and supplement the body with vital nutrients to maintain bone density and endurance for avoiding problems. All of these work as useful home remedies for osteoporosis.

Take handful of sesame seeds and soak them in water overnight. In the morning strain the water out and chew the seeds well and consume as first thing in the morning. This is another one of the useful home remedies for osteoporosis. Eating two tablespoons of peanut butter everyday provides magnesium to the body for preserving, rebuilding and strengthening the bones of the body. Consume two teaspoons of vinegar either as salad dressing or in soup to preserve bone density. All of these work as very useful and easy to use home remedies for osteoporosis.

Eating half cup of broccoli is excellent treatment for post-menopausal women to prevent and relieve osteoporosis. Take two ripe bananas and eat them in the breakfast with a glass of milk, this is curative as well as preventive remedy for osteoporosis. Brussels sprouts, apples, figs and hazelnuts on regular consumption are also very useful and effective in treating the problem. These are few simple yet effective home remedies for osteoporosis.

Exercises play a crucial role in preventing and curing the problem of osteoporosis. Exercises like walking and jogging three times in a week keep body fit and also maintain proper bone density to cure the problem. Staying active and proper eating can prevent the problem of porous bones in males as well as females equally. Water walking is another exercise which is highly recommended by the doctors for people suffering or prone to osteoporosis. Dip down in waist deep water in a pool and walk, the resistance of water will help the body in maintaining proper health and improving strength of the bones and will increase their endurance levels to prevent fractures by little trauma. Exercises are wonderful home remedies for osteoporosis.

Green vegetables like spinach, kale, collard and romaine lettuce are excellent for osteoporosis. Fruits like apple, banana, figs, pears, grapes, oranges and pineapples are also very useful in curing the problem. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, margarine, tofu, salmon, sardines, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and whole wheat, nuts and beans are other foods which are very supportive to the body for maintaining healthy bone density and preventing problems like osteoporosis. It has been noted that men and women leading healthy and active lifestyle are lesser prone to suffer with problem of osteoporosis in their old age hence exercising regularly, taking proper diet and avoiding too much alcohol and tobacco are best ways to prevent the problem from occurring.

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