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Hypertension Natural Treatment, Herbal Remedies For High BP

Stresx capsule is an effective hypertension natural treatment. For its unique herbal formula, it's considered to be one of the most effective herbal remedies for high BP. Blood pressure can be reduced to normal levels with the regular consumption of this capsule. Since it's an herbal remedy, you will have to wait for couple of weeks to see the positive results of this remedy. Herbal remedies are not meant to give overnight results as they are only meant to provide long lasting relief to the problem. The herbs used in this capsule have got cardio tonic effects. For the same, you will be able to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and heart with the regular use of this capsule. There are so many herbal remedies for high BP, but Stresx capsule is the best hypertension natural treatment.

Hypertension Natural TreatmentWith the regular consumption you will be able to improve the healthy blood flow to the heart. Normal heart muscle function also will be improved tremendously with the continuous consumption of this capsule. Maintaining healthy blood pressure is the prime objective of Stresx capsule if one takes a closer look. The herbal ingredients have the ability to reduce hypertension in a natural and uncomplicated manner. Stress will also get reduced in the same fashion with regular use. Anxiety will be taken care of with the continuous consumption. Moreover, you will be able to control conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, restlessness and sleeplessness with the regular intake of this capsule. And that says a lot about the effectiveness of Stresx capsule in tackling number of related health problems. Undoubtedly, Stresx capsule is the best hypertension natural treatment. The way the herbs formulated in this capsule makes it one of the best herbal remedies for high BP.

Stresx capsule has got this much effectiveness only because of its herbal ingredients. It has got herbal ingredients such as Arjun, Ashwagandha, Chota Chand, Brahmi, Ganjwan, Shankhupushpi, Sudh Shilajit, Aam etc. If we take a closer look, we can be assured of the fact we have been using them for 100s of years now. Let's take a closer look at the main ingredients to see how it assists the treatment of hypertension below.

Arjun: It is a herbal tree of deciduous nature found in India. For several 1000 years, we have been using this herb in Ayurveda to treat various problems. This is basically a cone-shaped herb. This herb has got many properties such as anti-inflammatory property etc. Cholesterol can be controlled with regular use of this capsule. This herb can also offer cardiac protection. Diabetes can be brought under control with the help of this herb. It also can offer liver protection. Gastric ulcers can be avoided with the regular use of this capsule. Asthma can be treated with the regular use of this capsule. It is an excellent herb to reduce stress and hypertension.

Ashwagandha: This is a well-known and powerful herb used in Ayurveda for several centuries now. This herb belongs to the Nightshade family. This herb is a short shrub with 35-75cm tall. The root is basically used for medicinal purposes. The root is basically long, tuberous and brown and it has got very good medicinal powers. However, berries and leaves are also used in treating many health problems. They can be externally applied to tumour, ulcers, carbuncles etc. They also have got the ability to bring a calming effect to your body and mind, thus by reducing the blood pressure.

Brahmi: Brahmi has been a very popular herb in India since 500 BC. It's one of the commonly used herbs in Ayurveda. This herb has got the ability to improve the mental health tremendously. Both intellect and memory can be improved tremendously with the regular use of this herb. Youthful vigour and vitality also will be improved with the regular use of this herb.

The above mentioned herbal ingredients have got the ability to tone and protect the heart in a natural manner. Cardiovascular system will be benefitted highly with the regular consumption of this capsule. Also, energy levels will be increased with the regular use of this capsule. Also, the overall wellbeing will be improved tremendously with the regular consumption of Stresx capsule. Blood circulation will be improved tremendously with the regular use of it. Also, the pumping ability of your heart will be increased with the continuous use of this capsule. Irregular heart beat will also be taken care of with the regular use of Stresx capsule. Stress and nervous tension will be reduced and you will be feeling calm and composed with the continuous consumption of this capsule. Stresx capsule will also avoid the plaque build-up in the coronary arteries. Blood clotting, heart attack, stroke etc. will be avoided with the regular use of this capsule. These factors make it the best hypertension natural treatment. The manner in which the herbs are formulated in this capsule makes it one of the best herbal remedies for high BP.


Take one or two capsules of Stresx twice a day with water regularly for 3 to 4 months to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Hypertension Natural Treatment

Herbal Remedies For High BP
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force by which blood pushes the walls of arteries while flowing to other parts of the body, when this pressure is higher than normal it is referred as high blood pressure. This condition is very common these days but if left untreated can cause serious damage to the health and can also cause heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, high cholesterol and promote diabetes. High BP most of the time remains unnoticed as it hardly creates any problem in day to day activities but its longer stay in the body can have serious side effects.

Blood pressure in measured in two positions, one position is when heart pumps the blood into the arteries and another is when heart is at rest. The first position when heart has pumped the blood into arteries is called systolic pressure and the pressure when heart is at rest is called diastolic pressure. Both the pressures are necessary to be normal, any one pressure rising above the normal limits has its implications. Higher diastolic pressure can weaken the heart and its muscles very quickly and can pose serious threat to life, it is one of the most common reasons of heart failure. Higher systolic pressure can cause hemorrhage, anxiety and coronary heart disease.

What are the major causes and symptoms of high BP?

Other than diseases and ailments of the body poor lifestyle is the biggest cause of hypertension. People having lethargic life style or overweight people are more prone to suffer from High BP. Consumption of too much salt in the diet or low potassium in the diet also causes this problem. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking or tobacco consumption in any form also raises blood pressure in the body. Certain medicines like the ones used in treating asthma or birth control pills also initiate this problem. Race and genetic also plays an important role in the occurrence of this problem, people having history of hypertension in the family are more prone to have this problem. Age is the most common reason of High BP, human beings become more and more prone to High BP with the growing age, however it is not the normal process of ageing and hence taking proper steps can avoid this problem effectively. People suffering with sleep apnea, kidney problems, thyroid or stress can develop this problem.

Normally there are no specific symptoms or signs of hypertension. This can remain unnoticed for years and silently can cause severe damage to the health. Most of the time people discover its presence when it has caused the damage. Occasional headaches and heaviness in the forehead are signs of high blood pressure however occasional higher blood pressure indicates the tendency of the body but do not suggest presence of the problem. Red spots in the eyes are also caused by the high BP, appearance of such blood spots in the eye without any other reason suggest presence of high blood pressure. If any member of the family suffers from High BP then regular checkup is a good precaution to remain safe.

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