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Immunity Boosting Supplements, Strengthen Immune System

Revival capsule is one of the popular immunity boosting supplements worldwide. This capsule has got highly concentrated herbal ingredients in it. This capsule is one of the best immunity boosting supplements in the business today to strengthen immune system. The best thing about this capsule is that it's a herbal remedy. You don't have to worry about side effects since it's a 100% natural and safe herbal product. This capsule has stayed away from chemicals and that makes it extremely safe to use. The brilliant formula of this capsule is its biggest strength. Revival capsule has used only natural extracts in it and that makes it highly effective when it comes to increasing immunity in a side effect free manner. The quality of the erection will be improved tremendously with the regular use of this capsule. Vitality will be increased many fold with the regular use of this capsule. Stamina and strength will also be enhanced tremendously with the regular use of this capsule.

Immunity Boosting SupplementsThe biggest asset of this capsule is its herbal ingredients. It has got powerful herbal ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Kesar. Let's take a closer look at these herbal ingredients to learn more about this capsule and its effectiveness. These herbal ingredients make Revival one of the best immunity boosting supplements. This capsule has got the ability to strengthen immune system without any side effect.

Ashwagandha: This herb has got the ability to boost testosterone in your body. For the same reason you can spot this ingredients in bodybuilding supplements. This herb is also considered to be a good aphrodisiac. Both libido and performance can be enhanced with the regular use of this herb. Your immunity will also be increased with the regular use of this capsule.

Shilajit: This herb is known for its aphrodisiac properties. You will be able to improve immunity with this herb. This capsule is good for impotency, seminal leakage, heart disease, memory loss, high blood pressure, fatigue, low sex drive etc.

Safed Musli: This herb has got important nutrients in it. Pituitary glands will be kept healthy with the regular use of this herb. This herb has got the ability to increase estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Fertility and immunity can be improved tremendously with this herb.

Kesar: Immunity will be enhanced in a major way with the help of this herb. Libido and energy levels will be increased with this herb. Lung capacity and efficiency will be doubled with the help of this herb. In short, it is the perfect herb to increase immunity.

These herbal ingredients can play a major role to strengthen immune system of your body. Good blood circulation will be restored with the regular use of this capsule. Fatigue will be able to reduce with the regular use of Revival capsule. This capsule is also a great energy booster in general. Overall performance in bed also can be improved with this capsule. It is designed for that as well. You will be able to perform longer in bed with this capsule. Libido will be increased and you will have good desire for lovemaking. You will be amazed with your performance in bed when you consume this capsule. Natural erection will be restored with this capsule. Quality of the erection will be improved with the regular use of this capsule. Revival capsule has got the ability to increase the blood flow to the genitals so as to improve the quality of the erection.

Energy levels will be high with the regular use of this capsule. Fatigue will be eliminated with the regular use of this capsule. Blood circulation will also be improved. Testosterone levels will also be increased tremendously with the regular use of this capsule. Fatigue will be eliminated for good with the regular use of this capsule. You will have better health and immunity when you have increased levels of testosterone in your body. There are so many immunity boosting supplements in the market but none of those products are even remotely good as this. This is the best product to strengthen immune system.


Take one or two Revival capsules two times a day with milk or water regularly for 3 to 4 months to strengthen immune system.

Immunity Boosting Supplements

Strengthen Immune System
60 Capsules $40 - Free
120 Capsules $75 $5 Free
180 Capsules
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240 Capsules
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Ingredients of Revival Capsule

Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) - Withania somnifera is the herb having steroidal lactones which has estrogenic compounds. The herb is used for stress reduction and relaxation. It is used in many ayurvedic preparations to cure nervous disorder and to eliminate weakness of the body. It is effective in improving immunity and increasing energy level in the body.

Asparagus racemosus (Satavar) - Asparagus racemosus has aphrodisiac properties, anti- septic, anti-inflammatory, demulcent and diuretic properties. It is used to prevent gastric ulcers and dyspepsia, and provides overall health benefits.

Asparagus adscendens (Safed Musli) - Asparagus adscendens has tuberous roots which are also eaten as vegetable and the leaves are like needles. It is used as tonic and improves the health of both men and women.

Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) - It is effective in reducing the problem of poor digestion, cold, cough and weakness. It improves blood flow and enhances overall health of the body.

Asphaltum puniabiunum (Shudh Shilajit) - Asphaltum puniabiunum is extracted from mountains and it contains more than 30 minerals in natural form to ensure easy absorption into the body. It is a natural component effective in reducing the process of aging.

Saffron (Kesar) - Saffron is a coolant which improves blood flow to brain to enhance absorption of minerals and vitamins into the body and to promote good health.

Strychnos nux-vomica (Ramyphal) - Strychnos nux-vomica is anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant, which provides overall good health.

Orchis mascula (Salabmisri) - Orchis mascula is commonly used as food supplement which improves the body strength and reduces the problems caused by ageing. Mainly, its root is used for improvement in old age related conditions.

Zingiber officinale (Sonth) - Zingiber officinale is commonly found in kitchens and is used for preparing herbal tea. It helps to improve body immunity.

Piper betle Linn (Tambul) - It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Balsamodendron mukul (Guggul) - Balsamodendron mukul helps to reduce joint pain and immunity of the body.

Cinnamomum cassia (Taj) - Cinnamomum cassia has been tested to show anti-diabetic effect.
Onosma bracteatum (Gajwan) - The herb possesses anti-diabetic properties.

Lactuca serriola (Kahu) - Lactuca serriola is a diuretic, narcotic, antispasmodic and also hypnotic lettuce, which rejuvenates the body and strengthens the tissues.

Carthamus tinctorius (Kasumba) - Carthamus tinctorius is used to increase circulation, menstrual pain and to reduce bruising.

Pongamia glabra (Karanj) - It has anti-microbial properties and can be used for the treatment of herpes, dyspepsia and liver disorders.

Balsamodendron myrrha (Hirabol) - It has anti-aging properties.

Ferrum (Lauh bhasam) - It is used as supplement for iron deficiency.

Caryophyllus aromaticus (Long) - It is commonly used to cure dental pain and works as antiseptic, antifungal and a pain reliever.

Aril myristica fragrans (Javitri) - Javitri or Mace is the skin covering the nutmeg or Jaiphal. It shows anti-inflammatory properties and works as analgesic.

Arsenil Trisulphidum (Hadtal) - It is also called arsenic yellow and is prepared in laboratory through ayurvedic methods to eliminate toxins from the body.

Myristica fragrans (Jaiphal) - It is aromatic fruit which cures skin problems and improves body strength. It reduces pain, stress, indigestion, heart disorders, bad breadth, blood pressure and cough.

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