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Leukorrhea Cure Treatment, Herbal Remedies For White Discharge

Leukorrhea or white discharge is a troublesome problem that most women have to put up with. Aabab tablet is an excellent leukorrhea treatment. Why Aabab tablet because it's made of powerful herbal ingredients such as Argilla Vitriolutum and Quercus Infectoria. These herbs have proved their effectiveness long time ago as our ancestors had used these herbs for centuries to treat many such problems related to female reproductive system. For the same, Aabab tablet is one of the widely recommended tablets today to deal with leukorrhea problem. Aabab tablet is preferred since it's very effective in dealing with this condition. No wonder why it is considered as the best leukorrhea cure or one of the best herbal remedies for white discharge.

Leukorrhea Cure TreatmentFirst and foremost, Aabab tablet will avoid the awful odor in the female genital passage. Also, Aabab tablet will increase the sensitivity in the genital passage. When sensitivity is improved, you can expect to have a more pleasurable lovemaking experience. Yeast infection, which is a side effect of leukorrhea problem, will also be taken care of when you consume this tablet. Lubrication in the genital passage will be improved tremendously when you consume this tablet. With proper lubrication, you will be able to have quality lovemaking. Problems like uterine prolapse will also be cured with the consumption of Aabab tablet. When it comes to leukorrhea treatment, nothing beats Aabab tablet. This tablet gets precedence when we talk about herbal remedies for white discharge.

Lack of nutrients is one of the major reasons behind most of the problems concerning female reproductive system including leukorrhea. This tablet will make way for continuous supply of nutrients to the female reproductive system. Hormonal imbalance is another major cause behind this condition. This tablet is designed to restore the hormonal balance in female body. When you have the optimal hormonal balance, you can expect to have a healthy reproductive system with less number of problems. Aabab tablet can be consumed by women of all ages. This tablet has been appreciated for its 100% natural and safe formula and you should also try this tablet for the same reason. That's exactly why it's considered as the best leukorrhea cure. May be there are so many herbal remedies for white discharge, but none of those match the effectiveness of Aabab.

However, when it comes to a more effective and speedy leukorrhea treatment, you should consider taking Gynecure capsule as well. You should use both Aabab tablet and Gynecure capsule at the same time to deal with the problem in a more effective manner. Gynecure is a uniquely prepared herbal remedy with many advantages. The powerful herbal ingredient like Ashoka is the reason behind the effectiveness of this capsule. This capsule is considered as a tonic for the female reproductive system. It is capable of restoring the overall health of the female reproductive system. The best thing about Gynecure capsule is that it's a non-hormonal herbal capsule. This capsule will help restore the pH of genital passage secretions. Also, it will avoid all the infections in the genital passage. This capsule will also take care of many problems related to irregular menstruation. Heavy bleeding, painful menstruation etc. will be taken care of with the help of this capsule. Stop looking for a leukorrhea cure when you have Aabab tablet and Gynecure capsule.


Insert one Aabab tablet into the genital passage once or twice daily for good result. Aabab tablet is only intended for vaginal use and must not be taken orally.

Also take one Gynecure capsule twice daily with water or milk to obtain better result.

Herbal Remedies For Leukorrhea

Herbal Remedies For White Discharge
24 Aabab + 50 Gynecure $53 $2 Free
48 Aabab + 100 Gynecure $105 $5 Free
72 Aabab + 150 Gynecure
$150 $15 Free
96 Aabab + 200 Gynecure
(Best Save)
$190 $30 Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is leukorrhea?

White, thick and sticky vaginal discharge during pregnancy or at other times when a woman is in her reproductive years is called as leukorrhea. This discharge can be in green or yellow in color too and usually is without any other symptoms like itching, pain, redness or burning sensation. Normally vaginal discharges are associated with vaginal infections like yeast and bacterial infections but in case of leukorrhea presence of an infection is not necessary. Only after complete examination it can established that woman is having leukorrhea with or without infection. This sort of discharge changes when a woman approaches the date of her periods due to hormonal changes.

What are the major causes and symptoms of leukorrhea?

There are many causes of leukorrhea, the primary cause of it is, imbalance or over production of estrogen hormone. Though this is a harmless condition in pregnancy and can be controlled easily. The over production of estrogen hormone causes white, thick and sticky discharge which normally body produces to maintain the flexibility of tissues and ph balance. Once infected by yeast or bacterial infection the discharge becomes foul smelling and changes its color to yellow or green. Some girls may have this kind of discharge before their first menstrual cycle. Apart from bacterial and yeast infection inflammation in the internal organs of vagina may also cause leukorrhea. Sexually transmitted diseases also promote and if infects the internal lining or tissues of women's genital can cause white or discolored discharge with foul smell.

Improper hygienic conditions can cause leukorrhea as it is a natural defense system of the body and body discharges this white discharge when the ph balance of the genital passage is disturbed. If ph balance of women genital is not proper it becomes prone to infections. Uses of scented toilet paper, certain types of detergents and nylon or use of perfumes and deodorants in the undergarments can also cause leukorrhea. Persistent constipation is another cause of this problem either due to growth of a urinary infection or due to constant straining during bowel movements. Sometimes minor injuries or some allergies and wounds in the groin area can also initiate white discharge. Diseases like diabetes, menorrhagea etc also cause leukorrhea. Some women are in the habit of washing their genitals few times in a day this can also cause leukorrhea as regular washing can disturb the ph balance of vagina which is then controlled by the body releasing white discharge.

The initial symptom of leukorrhea is the problem itself, when any women experience discharge from the genitals which is thick and sticky and white in color it signifies presence of leukorrhea. Women suffering with this problem also experience lethargy and performing day to day activities appears difficult. Experiencing frequent headaches is also a symptom of leukorrhea as hormonal imbalances can hinder smooth functioning of all the body organs. Regular weakness without any evident cause also signifies leukorrhea. If pregnant women experience this problem after delivery and it does not subside on its own within the normal duration it signifies presence of serious underlying medical condition related to women's uterus.

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