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Natural Slimming Supplements, Herbal Fat Burner Pills Capsules

Figura capsule is one of the highly effective natural slimming supplements. All thanks to the powerful herbal ingredients of this capsule, it is considered to be one of the best herbal fat burner pills. It's a special blend of time tested herbs. And these herbs have got the ability to go to the root of the problem and then find a long lasting solution to this problem. These herbs help remove deposited fat in a quick manner. And the best thing is that you don't have to worry about the side effects at all. It's 100% safe and natural and you can consume it without the fear of side effects. The powerful herbal ingredients have got the power to maintain the balance of Pitta, vata and kapha. And that will lead to effective and natural weight loss. There are so many natural slimming supplements, but this is the most effective. The presence of powerful herbs is what makes Figura one of the best herbal fat burner pills.

Natural Slimming SupplementsThe herbal ingredients have got the ability to limit fatty acids in the liver and muscles. Therefore, one can say that it's a complete natural slimming product. There are no side effects attached to this product, even with long term use. Since it's an herbal remedy, you will have to use it for long term - for couple of weeks to see the results. The herbal ingredients have got the ability to reduce kapha, which is said to be the main reason behind weight gain. With the regular consumption of Figura capsule, you will be able to avoid that. Further fat deposition will be effectively prevented with the regular use of this capsule. Although we have so many natural slimming supplements, this capsule is the best. The herbal formula is what makes it one of the most effective herbal fat burner pills.

As stated earlier, the herbal ingredients are the main reason behind the amazing capability of Figura capsule when it comes to weight loss. For over several thousand years we have been using these herbs and that says volumes about the quality and effectiveness of these herbs. So, you should consume Figura capsule without thinking twice. It has got herbs such as Pashanbhed, Samudra Sosha, Chitrak, Laksha, Kulthi, Chandras, Katha, Bhadradanti, Jwasa, Kaligiri, Pipla Mool, Babool, Haritaki, Gurlu, Bair, Babuna as ingredients. Speaking of herbal ingredients, let's take a closer look at the major herbal ingredients to get an idea about the working and the effectiveness of Figura capsule.

Pashanbhed: This is a very powerful herb. Usually it is seen 8000-10,000 above sea level, especially in Himalayas. The root is used basically for medicinal purposes. This herb has got various properties such as antiprotozoal, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-lithic, anti-cancer, cns depressant andcardio toxic. All sorts of erosions caused by stress will be alleviated with the regular use of this herb. This herb also has got the ability to lower gastric output. This herb is used for various treatments such as urinary tract infection, skin disorders, heart ailment, tridoshshamak, diarrhoea, anti-pyretic etc. Above all, this herb has got the ability to assist the weight loss in a natural manner. And that's why it is considered as a major ingredient of this capsule.

Chitrak: This is an excellent herb when it comes to intestinal troubles. This herb is also used as an aphrodisiac. This herb is anti-periodic as well. Digestion can be improved tremendously with the help of this herb and that can assist well in natural weight loss.

Haritaki: This is a powerful herb usually seen in India and Nepal. This herb has got the ability to rejuvenate the whole body. It's an excellent laxative as well. It has got the ability to improve digestion. It also promotes absorption of nutrients. Column function will also be regulated with regular use. These properties make it an excellent choice for this capsule.

Figura capsule also has got the ability to strengthen the internal immune system. And that can assist in the natural weight loss. The herbs have got the power to eliminate toxins from your body. Whether it is tissues, blood, lungs or lymphatic, this herb will effectively eliminate toxins from your body. As you can see, toxins promote unnatural weight gain in one way or the other and it will be prevented for good with the regular use of this capsule. This capsule will be oxidizing the fat. The excess fat present in your body will be excreted out of your body with stool. And that way, you will be able to lose weight in a natural and side effect free manner. Without any doubt, Figura capsule has to be one of the best natural slimming supplements. The perfect blend of herbs is what makes Figura capsule one of the best herbal fat burner pills.

Figura capsule also helps in suppressing the excessive appetite. This will allow you to reduce the intake of calorie. This capsule will also curb your cravings for food and sugar - both of which will come in handy when it comes to effective and natural weight loss. Also, you will be able to achieve your ideal body weight with the continuous consumption of Figura capsule.


Take one Figura capsule thrice daily with plain water regularly for 4 to 6 months to get your body in shape.

Natural Slimming Supplements

Herbal Fat Burner Pills Capsules
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Ingredients of Figura Capsule

Chandras (Veteria Indica) - Veteria Indica is a slow growing tree which helps to get rid of excess fat from the body and it also empowers the body.

Kulthi (Dolichos Biflorus) - The herb is known to be effective in dissolving cholesterol and fat deposits to eliminate it from the body.

Chitrak (Plumbags Zeylanica) - Plumbags Zeylanica is the shrub native to South-East Asia which reaches 6 feet and is dark green in color. It is commonly used to treat peptic ulcers, indigestion, anemia, piles and high cholesterol. It helps in breakdown of fat molecules which are deposited in various parts of the body to reduce weight.

Babool (Acacia Arabica Wild) -
The plant secretes gum like fluid which contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, malic acid and sugar which helps in providing nutrition to the body to enable easy digestion of fat.

Pashanbhed (Coleus Aromaticus) - Pashanbhed is the herb which is considered effective in breaking down fat molecules and hence, it is given to patient suffering from kidney stones formed from cholesterol.

Jwasa (Alhagi Maurorum) - Alhagi Maurorum is a deciduous sweet tasting tree which has diaphoretic and laxative properties. Its oil is considered effective to treat rheumatism.

Haritki (Terminalia Chebula) - Haritki has anti spasmodic, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and it helps to enhance bowel health. It is very popular herb which helps to eliminate toxins from the body to get rid of excess weight, and it has great effect on the health of hair, skin liver and eyes.

Babuna (Matricaria Chamomilla) - Babuna flower heads are spherical yellowish in color. It is mostly found in lower altitude of western Himalaya. It possesses antibacterial properties and also serves as mild laxative. It has been tested in laboratory to have cholesterol reducing properties.

Bhadradanti (Jatropha Multifida) - Jatropha Multifida is a coral bush which is used to reduce a range of urinary complaints. It also helps in treating infection in body and eliminating toxins and fats from the body.

Bair (Zizyphus Jujuba) - It has anti-anxiety and hypnotic properties and it possess great curative and healing power. It is also given to patients suffering from infections of intestinal tract.

Katha (Acacia Catechu) - The extract of Acacia Catechu is generally taken to reduce sore throat and it can also be used in passive diarrhea.

Gurlu (Coix Lachryma) - Tear Grass or Coix Lachryma is a tall grin bearing plant which is cultivated in garden annually, and it is used in preparation of soups or cooked as grain.

Piplamool (Piper longum) - Long pepper is a dried fruit which works as longevity enhancer and it also has anti tumor effect.

Laksha (Cocus Lacca) - It is the gummy substances which harden on the covering of tree called lac.

Kaligiri (Vernonia Anthelmintica) - Vernonia Anthelmintica is a herb which has hairy and leafy stem, and its seeds are hot and have strong taste which serves as purgative. It is extremely useful in curing skin diseases and helps to reduce weight.

Samudra Shosh (Argyreia Speciosa) - Argyreia Speciosa is popularly used in ayurvedic medicines to cure neurological disorders and also to reduce weight.

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