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Weak Ejaculation Cure, Increase Ejaculation Force And Volume

Night Fire capsule is a very effective weak ejaculation cure. One can effectively use this herbal supplement to increase ejaculation force and volume. Weak ejaculation can be worrisome problem for many men out there; especially for those who are trying to be a father. Weak ejaculation can result in infertility as it will not help sperm reach the destination. Forceful ejaculation is very important when it comes to becoming a father. Ejaculation volume is also very important. For some men, the volume of semen produced is very low and that can affect their chances of becoming a father. Night Fire capsule is the best weak ejaculation cure, all thanks to the amazing herbal ingredients present in it. This capsule has got powerful herbs as well as natural aphrodisiacs in it. These ingredients have the ability to increase semen volume in a natural manner. Salabmisri is one of the key ingredients of this capsule and it has the ability to improve the quality and quantity of sperm. Also, this capsule will be able to increase the energy levels in the body. There are more reasons to call it the best weak ejaculation cure, let's find out.

Weak Ejaculation CureWith the help of the amazing herbal ingredients, this capsule will help you last longer in bed. You will be able to satisfy your partner better with the regular use of this capsule. Body strength will be increased tremendously with regular consumption of this capsule. Having energy and strength are important as far performing well in bed is considered. The main ingredients of this capsule are Salabmisri, Dalchini, Akarkra, Khakhastil, Swapnagandha, Jaiphal, Samunder Sosh, Kesar, Gold Patra, Jaipatri etc. The effectiveness of these herbal ingredients has been proven beyond point. For one, these ingredients have been in use for centuries to treat many health problems. Therefore, consuming this capsule will result in fertility and improved semen production. Vitality and vigor will also be on the rise as you consume it. This capsule will also enhance male power. It can be used for treating low libido as well. For improving the ejaculation strength and quantity, you should start taking Night Fire capsule from today itself. With the regular use of this capsule you will be able to increase ejaculation force and volume.

However, for fast output, you are advised to use Musli Strong capsule along with Night Fire capsule. Musli Strong capsule is a natural herbal supplement for increasing sperm count. The very powerful herb Safed Musli is the main ingredient of this capsule. This herb not only rejuvenates whole body but also boosts energy. It has got the power to improve the overall functioning of male reproductive organ. It also has the ability to promote the production of healthy semen. This capsule is designed to increase sperm volume, sperm count, male fertility and motility. Strength, power and stamina of the male body will be improved with the consumption of this capsule. That can also improve your performance in bed. To increase ejaculation force and volume, consume this capsule for couple of months.

When you take both these capsules at the same time, you will be able to control many problems including sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. As for improving the ejaculation force and sperm quantity, nothing works better than these two capsules.


Take one Night Fire capsule and one Musli Strong capsule twice a day with water or milk regularly for 3 to 4 months as natural premature ejaculation remedies.

Herbal Remedies For Weak Ejaculation Cure

Increase Ejaculation Force
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120 Capsules $110 $10 Free
180 Capsules
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Night Fire Capsule + Musli Strong Capsule - Super Saver Combo Pack

Increase Ejaculation Volume
60 Night Fire + 60 Musli $99 $3 Free
120 Night Fire + 120 Musli $192 $12 Free
180 Night Fire + 180 Musli
$270 $36 Free
240 Night Fire + 240 Musli
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Ingredients Of Night Fire Capsule

Salabmisri - Salabmisri has aphrodisiac properties and works as sexual tonic. It increases the toning of the nervous system, and nourishes the muscles and tissues. It reduces stress and it also provides internal strength to body organs.

Sarpgandha - Sarpgandha is bitter in taste and works as tonic, sedative herb which can be used to treat fevers, dysentery, high blood pressure, hypochondria and many other health conditions. The herb is found on the foothills of Himalaya and it is thermogenic, which helped to improve mental conditions, insomnia and insanity. Its botanical name is Rauvolfia serpentine and it has been used since centuries in India.

Jaiphal - Also known as nutmeg, it is botanically called Myristica fragrans and it is known for two species of herb - nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg is commonly used for flavoring dishes and it is a major ingredient used in the preparation of cough syrups and toothpaste. Its oil is used to treat disorders of nervous system and digestive systems.

Akarkra - Also known as Pyrethrum, it is used for the treatment of nervous disorders. It also helps to prevent symptoms of premature ejaculation and improves the overall well being of people. It is taken for reducing male reproductive disorders and weaknesses, and it also improves the condition of diabetes, paralysis, hemiplegia and tonsils.

Dalchini - In a research, it has been found that dalchini has antiviral properties and improves glucose and lipid in people suffering from diabetes. It activates antioxidants response in human epithelial colon and also has anti-melonama properties.

Jaypatri - Aril of Myristica Fragrans is known as jaypatri and it is used in the preparation of various cuisines due to its aromatic properties. It is also effective in reducing stomach disorder and works as analgesic.

Gold Patra - Gold helps to provide the mineral which improves sperm count and cures disorders of chronic bowel problems. It is used to improve the functions of male reproductive organs.

Long - It has antibacterial properties and its use increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid in stomach. It also improves peristalsis. Its essential oils are used to reduce teeth pain and therefore, it is used as a main ingredient in toothpaste. It is it is commonly used in preparation of herbal formula which requires increasing energy. It also reduces infections of skin such as pimples, acne and skin irritations. It helps to reduce blood glucose level and sensitivity of skin against infections.

Kesar - Also known as Crocus sativus, and it was used during historical times for improving mental power and blood flow to brain. It is commonly used in kitchens to give a crimson color shade to the food, and the crimson colors mainly comes from the stigmas of the flower which is found in dried form and are used as coloring agent. It is one of the most expensive spices, which is used in herbal preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the causes and symptoms of weak ejaculation?

Weak ejaculation is a sexual disorder in which seminal fluid just oozes out without any force, or the amount of ejaculated seminal fluid is very less. Moreover, this disorder is also recognized as low semen volume. Furthermore, the amount of seminal fluid ejaculated during lovemaking has a tremendous impact on the pleasures of love relationships for both, males and females. In addition, any individual who is suffering from low semen volume would experience limited pleasure in intimate activities, because of insufficient amount of ejaculated seminal fluid. Also, this disorder could make lovemaking less intense, due to which males are unable to completely satisfy the needs of female partner in the bed.

Nevertheless, it is quite essential for males to understand the causes of low semen volume to ensure availability of proper treatment. Moreover, there are several different reasons for decrease in ejaculate volume, and most of these reasons are easily treatable. But, the effects of this disorder are detrimental to relationships and love life. Nonetheless, many males consider that occurrence of sexual disorders are just another sign of getting older. However, according to experts there are only two prime causes for weak ejaculation of seminal fluid. Firstly, it is a disorder that occurs due to a blockage on the path through which seminal fluid travels outside of the body. Moreover, it is quite easy to determine a blockage, because it would cause pain and lot of discomfort at the time of ejaculation. Secondly, retrograde ejaculation is a condition that can weaken the ejaculation volume. Furthermore, in cases of retrograde ejaculation, seminal fluid enters the bladder, instead of getting ejaculated out of the body. Besides, low level of testosterone in a male body can also cause this problem.

However, the symptoms of weak ejaculation are very simple to understand, and anyone can determine that whether he is suffering from this disorder or not. Moreover, males suffering from this disorder would experience difficulty in ejaculating the seminal fluid. And, they might feel that, the muscles that are used for ejaculation by the body is weak and cannot ejaculate seminal fluid efficiently. In addition, some males would also experience that their erections are a little weaker than usual. Also, in cases of blockage, one would suffer from pain and lot of discomfort while ejaculating seminal fluid.

Nonetheless, weak ejaculation can be treated easily and naturally with the help of right diet. Moreover, there are some foods that are helpful in increasing volume of male's seminal fluid. Furthermore, it is recommended to eat well balanced diet; a diet that contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients. In addition, foods that are rich in iron are also very helpful in increasing the volume of seminal fluid. Also, drinking plenty of water is also beneficial for improving size of male's load. Nevertheless, water is essential for proper functioning of the body and, production of seminal fluid also requires a lot of water. Besides, it is essential to avoid habit of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes to prevent weak ejaculation.

How Salabmisri, the key ingredient of Night Fire Capsule, is helpful in improving male health?

Salabmisri is an ancient herb whose magical benefits were recognized ages back by experts of Ayurveda and today is one of the important herbs for curing various problems related to human health. Salabmisri is obtained from a flowering plant botanically known as Orchis Mascula. The stem of this herb is formed by two tubers one is smaller in size than another and these tubers are dried and grounded to obtain the herb. This plant flowers in the months of April to June and is cultivated in larger quantities for medicinal use. Salabmisri is one of the most powerful anti-aging herbs available today. The grounded powder of tuber of salabmisri plant contains bitter tasting glycosides, 27% starch, 48% mucilage, sugar, albumen, traces of volatile ash mainly containing phosphates and chlorides of potassium and lime.

Salabmisri is powerful aphrodisiac and cures various types of disorders related to reproductive system of males. It cures problems of low libido and erectile dysfunction and is widely used for reigniting fading fire in males for love. Apart from these it is a beneficial herb in curing disorders of gastro-intestinal tract, curing worms in children, improving conditions of patients of diabetes, chronic diarrhea and dysentery. It has been found very beneficial in curing nervous debility, treating phthisis, hemiplegia and paralytic affections.

Salabmisri is beneficial herb for treating low sperm count and male infertility. It has been used since ancient times to improve male potency and shows beneficial results in a short time of use. It is a powerful aphrodisiac which provides lots of energy and power to nerves and improves functioning of reproductive system to produce health and quality of semen curing infertility and low sperm count effectively.

The aphrodisiac properties of salabmisri are wonderful in curing sexual weaknesses in males and curing problem of low libido. The use of salabmisri promotes lust in males and also provides energy to perform in bed. This herb was recommended for couples to produce children and was also used by Greeks to determine the gender of the child. It supplements the body with vital nutrients to provide strength, stamina and desire for love.

Improved blood flow promoted by the use of salabmisri works wonderfully for curing problems like ED and PE effectively. The increased blood flow reenergizes the nerves of the reproductive area and provides endurance and better response of reproductive organs during lovemaking. The increased lust initiated by salabmisri infuses keen desire in males for lovemaking which makes them capable of making love over and over again and also to increase their duration by many times in bed easily.

Salabmisri provides strength, energy, improves nerve functioning and cures various disorders and disease like diabetes and dysentery to protect health and also to promote sound and better health. Overall effects of salabmisri improve energy levels and stamina in the human body by promoting smooth functioning of organs, curing disorders and supplementing the body with vital nutrients which are very beneficial for sound and upbeat health.

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